The Grand Opening Of The Whisky Bar Kuala Lumpur

June 25, 2010

Yoohoooo~ Today is my second day of working in The Whisky Bar,Kuala Lumpur..I worked as an ambassador here :D
The Whisky Bar at Kuala Lumpur :D
this is my uniform..
and some toilet pictures XD
my leg hurts lah standing in heels so long :(
aiyak,the guy behind spoiler! =_=
this is Rick,bartender..nice guy weyyyy :D

There's so many people today and we didn't get a break :( until the kitchen was closed and no more food is served,the chef cooked delicious spaghetti for us :D We had special treatment xD
Delicious weyyyyy!!
saw Phoebe,菲比,the DJ from MY Fm :)
I was like"Are you the MY FM DJ?菲比?" LOL!
this one kinda dark..
ahhhh this is better :D

It was FUN! I get to watch Italy VS Slovenia too! Damn nice match! haha..After work.I changed back to my normal casual clothes..
yeap,the official launch
took picture with some guai low..
and another..
this is The Whisky Bar boss :D
So lucky I get to sign on the board :D
aiyak the flash =_=
now this is better :D
this is the chef who cook delicious spaghetti for us girls..
It's fun working with them :)me being sandwich-ED
Another bartender hehe..
Allycia and Liki
She's 18 and I'm 19 haha
Kary and I same age haha!
my signature on the board..
taaa-daaaaa! So cool weyyy! :P

Congratulations to the opening of The Whisky Bar at Kuala Lumpur!

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  1. spamming!! i dun like ur boss la. haha..cuz i find him a hamsap guai lo. LOL. haha. touch ur hand wor.u sign oso need to touch..

  2. You look gorgeous! ;)
    Love your BIG EYES!

  3. >Anonymous: aiyoo..he is guai low ma..He didn't like press hard hard..don't worry :)

    >Caryne: thank you :D


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