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June 10, 2010

12.30pm on 10 June 2010 marked the end of A-Levels Examination for Chee Li Kee

Exam is over :D

1 hours ago with quarantine

I don't know why although I keep telling myself exam is over,the study-mood is still ON..It's like,we've been studying for so long that it has become a habit..and you can't change it in one day :P
I felt like I got so much things I need to do..I don't know where to start..But I know for one thing for sure..


Have not been sleeping well throughout the exam period..4 hours of sleep a day or none..My biological clock is all messed up..Need to replenish my beauty sleep :)

Exam has caused me :
1) lose 2kg wow free slimming
2) panda eyes I think worst than that
3) pimples increased exponentially
4) fats on my face yeah I don't know why lose weight but fat on face
5) insomnia rolled on bed and the next thing I know,it's time to wake up
6) skin problem some red stuff on my skin
7) don't even know what day is today everyday

I know this is stupid..But I feel like studying...lol

But I'm glad it's over :)

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  1. wahhh... free slimming! Good what! Hahaha... i want free fattening! XD

  2. I don't want fat LOL but if I give you the wind can blow me off ady LOL I haven't even reach 40kg =_=


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