Happy Father's Day

June 21, 2010

Today is the hero of our family celebrations :D

We went to OU around 3ish to buy accessories for our new car..Popular for stationary since my little brother starts school tomorrow and groceries in Jusco market :)

I am such a spoiler :( walking walking,suddenly have breathing difficulties,my vision became weak..I'm seeing stars..I quickly find a place to sit down and drink water..It worked normally,but it didn't today..I need to squat down and close my eyes for few minutes before it gets better..sighh..time for body check up!

After that,I saw the giant big mascott walking..It's the ice-cream mascott :P
so pity lah! The person inside must be suffocating!

We went to The Grumps,an Italian restaurant where we celebrated Father's Day :D
Daddy camera-shy lah..
my gor gor
Liki and her leng lui mommy
my elder bro and little bro

Loved the Spaghetti and Pizza..It's one of my favourite restaurant..after dinner,walk around and there's a restaurant nearby sells a very cute bottle..
and we bought it :P
can take out the ball wan!
and let Hippy play XD

Went home and gave my dad something I did for him :)
Don't know if he likes it..a bit lame lah but football season now ma..can put in new car also :P

Happy Father's Day to all the papas' out there :)

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