Hygiene Will Keep You Healthy

June 14, 2010

It's Spring Cleaning time!!

Damn semangat to clean up..take out all the clothes..
This is just 30% of my clothes lol
here's another 50% haha..

another 20% I didn't snap the picture LOL Hippy so cute! I almost couldn't find him because my clothes covered the little doggy xD

Then I remember Lee Young's comment in my memorial book
LOL! enlarge to read

And also,I found a newspaper,
taa-daaaa can see me?
u saw the 3 girls in the front row?
yeap I'm the one closer to the guys :)
It was when we achieved excellent results in PMR :D
saw Tian Yuan..
Yon Dong and Wen Jie XD
arranged my certificates..there were 70 of them all from competition: singing,dancing,piano,computer,essay writing,sports,choral speaking,drawing,etc XD
found my kindergarten picture..short hair lol..so cute right?
and the diaries I used..this is why I needed a blog LOL

So many stuff more need to clean and clear!!It's not easy =_= I think it'll take few weeks LOL..And why am I sick at this moment?Tomorrow is the Graduation Ball! I don't really have the mood because of my fever,flu and sore throat! Argh..

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  1. wow "da xiao jie" so messy messy la your room!! gambateh in cleaning up orhhh!! keep tidy then only ur bf will sayang sayang u mah

  2. i cleaned my room on sunday and it got messy on the same day! dannng!

  3. >handsome : haiyah,I never clean up my room so long somemore exam nearly 2 month >.<

    >Henry Lee: you cleaned ur room too? yay! spring clean time :D

  4. messy enuf !
    go messi ! lol. oops. world cup~

  5. LOL I no mood watch World cup le >.< After exam wanna clean up room first then only relax


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