I'm Basically A Cocktail Jazz Kind Of Pianist

June 24, 2010

Nataneal brought me to Plaza Kelana Jaya,the same place where I dine with my family on Father's Day..
we have a drink in Sanook..
that's Nataneal..watching Football :D
eh heh..ello~
Piña colada ♥ and watching football xD

Nataneal ordered this super yeng cocktail,sorry lah I never see before ma..It's called Flaming Lamborghini..
they arranged the glass high high..
heat up the alcohol and pour it down..
saw the flame?Nataneal is drinking while they pouring it down..
everyone was like looking at us..
and last,they pour 2 shots in the cocktail glass..nah,I just drink Piña colada ♥ enough ady..I don't always drink..whole face turned red after that ==
it's RM92.00 for the 2 drinks..it's the Flaming Lamborghini which costs more than half of my Piña colada..

It was my first time having cocktail..nice!yummy!I felt damn hot in Nataneal's car..asked him to turn on the air-cond LOL! and reached home,got a little headache =X

Tomorrow still got work :P Yesterday was my first day of work!It's fun..tomorrow is their grand opening..gotta dress nice nice cz we're appearing in newspaper and tv :D

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  1. hey liki!! what you work as?? hehe, saya interested leh, wana earn money $$$ LOL

  2. I'm working as ambassador lor..I'm not sure got space or not..and the last time I was told they don't want new girls ady =(


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