New Blogskin :D

June 27, 2010

Hello..what do you think about my new blogskin? :)

You can now "Follow" my blog simply by clicking on the "Follow" button :)

I'm going for 3-days trip with my college friends tomorrow..weeee~

Thanks to Carmen for helping me out..

Please take some time to vote kay?

There is still some adjustment need to be done..will edit it when I'm back from my trip :)

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  1. hey i realized there is no chatbox in the blog. Anyway, the current layout looks good! :D and the background is cute too!

    anyway, have fun!

  2. was here again since u dun've cbox =p
    enjoy ur trip gal !
    i like ur song

  3. i like it simple.. it's nice.. :D

  4. >Grace: I added the chatbox already :) Couldn't find the code at first and I was rushing to bed haha..thanks..Still need to modify the blogskin though haha

    >Jayleo: hehe..thanks so much..yeap I enjoyed the trip..thanks :D

    >Shirleen: thanks Shirleen :)


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