New Car New Baby :D

June 16, 2010

If you have been following me in Twitter or Facebook,you know that I got new car :D weeeeee~ Nahh,it's not mine..Daddy bought it for mommy..
Hello Honda City~

It's the New version of Honda City and we've upgraded it..add body kit so it looked like sports car xD

Just like 2 years ago when Daddy bought mommy a black MyVi SE..we upgraded it too.. :D Read the post here..Daddy love mommy soooo much!♥

Since we bought new car,we decided to sell our White Atos manyak problem..I feel kinda heavy-hearted to sell it away..It's been with me for 5 years already T____T
my pearly white car..
we take car of it very well..polished and flawless..
even the seat was cushion-ed so we don't dirty the original cloth,the cushion has been removed in the picture above
har what?I use this car to grooming wan wor..
and I like to pose like this everytime when master drives..
The car boot looks big to me..
It's time to let go,my White Atos..
I'll miss the times I drove you..
Thanks for growing up with me..
Hippy says "Bye White Atos" look at his sad expression lmao!

Tomorrow the person is taking my car away :( Now look at bright side,Hippy..You got new car with bigger space now :D

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  1. wow... honda city! nice! ohh im thinking to get a 2nd hand car too :(

  2. yeah I love that car! How much does second hand cost? If not much difference go get first hand like me lah :D

  3. hahaha... u can afford so no problem la... i cant lor plus i dun like new car feeling, unless its a fairlady or bmw...weee... i prefer old cars which cost like rm2-3k only then i can modify it kaw kaw XD

  4. walao, new car so canggih... the car looks like transformer le.. so big, canggih and stylish XD.. hahahaha try driving it la kekeke

  5. >Henry: Good idea leh..I never thought of that..but modify also quite expensive ma >.< I can't parents can LOL

    >Beta: yeah lor..canggih my uncle also say look like transformer lol! I never thought of it :/ New car lah nobody dare to drive it haha

  6. Great-looking car, Liki! For me, it would be nicer if you keep your old car, just in case something happens with your new one.

  7. It's hard to make Honda City look like a sports car, but anyway, it was a nice upgrade. Your Atos had served you for 5 years already, and I think it is about time to get a new car. How's your Honda City now? I hope that it is in its best condition and not giving you any trouble. Honda makes great cars, so there shouldn't be any serious problems. And besides, your car was bought brand new, right? And it has only been 3 years, so I assume it's still serving your family its purpose.

    Elite Toyota

  8. It's good! We are still keeping the car in a very good condition :) There isn't any problem with it so far :D And yes, it was bought brand new hehe


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