Redang Island Day One

June 28, 2010

*Edited with underwater pictures :D

I woke up around 5.00am with only 3 hours of sleep and have to reached airport to catch my flight at 7.05am..Everyone has very little sleep..and some without sleep at all haha! We decided to sleep in the plane..

There were 15 of us who went : Liki,Elyse,Li Lynn,Hui Ling,Pei Yee,Siew Li,Wen Xian,Calvin,Thinagan,Wei Jen,Moe,Mark,Xian Tze,Hwei Hwei and Teng Jong
the plane took off :)we were served Muffins for breakfast..
and drinks too..
I realised I have airsickness..probably due to too little sleep xD

made new friends with the guy sat beside me..he is heading to Redang Island too
firefly..loving the orange..
we reached Kuala Terengganu airport around 9.30am
why can't we take AirAsia? T___T

Then we took taxi to the Jetty..
Hui Ling and Liki in the taxi..
haha inside the taxi..
nice right?

reached the jetty..omg I am having headache due to the plane :(
I love my sunglasses..
Hui Ling,Liki and Elyse
Aiyak,I look like ghost wan..
this is better..
Quite excited..can't wait to reach Redang Island..the ferry took long time to come =_=
Finally we're in the ferry :D
the sun shine on my hair make me looked like I dyed my hair lolcheeeese :D
Liki,Hui Ling,Xian Tze and TJ
Wei Jen was asking me if I want to buy his BB lol..
kami act cute xD
we reached Laguna Jetty already :D
look at the blue blue sea!! like swimming pool!
the sign board we saw when we got down..
A picture of us reaching the Jetty :D
I love the sea weyyy! The weather was so hot,I feel like jumping into the sea..
If you see properly,there's a lot of fishes weeeeee~
and the sun reflection from the sea..

We were directed into Waiting Hall where we were given welcoming speech and some introduction to the Redang Island
toilet picture of myself :D
the guy giving speeches..
erm Hainan Poaching Incident?

After speeches,we walked down the road to the lobby to check in and have lunch..
Welcome to Laguna Redang Island Resort!
Tj helping me to snap the picture above :D
I love this picture of us..
peace :D
look at the blue blue sea
awesome! :D
we were given welcome was some plum juice..
I'm loving this..
look at the sky come on..
the place is like a real-life potrait!
best thing is,less people =P
the other resort..
Not sure what it is called though..
Look at the sea! It is really like swimming pool!
Xian Tze,Liki and Mark
Eh,behind me why got half-naked guy? ishh..
More More Tea Inn!
I like this
some notice..
TJ.Hui Ling,Mark and Liki
Liki,Mark and Xian Tze
We lazy to walk so we took this small car for tour haha

We had lunch around 12.00pm..All breakfast,lunch and dinner is provided..
view from the restaurant..
my lunch weeewoooo
TJ,Liki,Xian Tze and Mark
Camwhore 5 people..aiyak TJ face cut..
Camwhore 5 people..succeeded :D
view from the restaurant

After that,we went to our hotel room,get changed and go for snorkeling in open sea!
view from our hotel room..
from our hotel room..

OMG the water is so clear and it looks as if I'm inside a big aquarium! The fishes and the coal is very nice!All picture is with TJ since he got underwater camera..Will upload it when I get from him :) Snorkeling for an hour makes me dizzy..I kinda hate snorkeling now =_= Oh yeah,I saw someone smoking while snorkeling..damn stupid..
I am talking to Elyse
yooohoooo I look so funny haha
took out the snorkeling tools then salt water enters my eyes =_=
yor I'm in deep blue sea!!
I can only recognise me and Hui Ling..who is the other two?lol..
corals~ beautiful~
Elyse,Li Lynn,Siew Li,Wen Xian,Pei Yee,TJ,Liki,Hwei Hwei
Hui Ling,Liki,Thinagan,Moe,Elyse,Wei Jen,Li Lynn
Liki and Li Lynn in the boat going back..we both feeling damn dizzy..

The salt water was so salty! It's the saltiest salt I've ever taste compared to Port Dickson or Pangkor Island..We came back and decided to jump into the pool for a wash up weeee~
a group picture of everyone who went Redang Island :D
here is where we play Futsal after swimming first time playing futsal haha

Then we took bath and headed to the same restaurant to have our dinner..
feel so much cleaner and comfortable after bath..
Liki and Moe
my dinner..
a bread that Wei Jen is addicted to..
Liki and Moe again..
Hui Ling,Calvin,Thinagan and Liki
Calvin and Liki
More More Tea Inn is a gift nice at night..
the white sandy beach..
kick high high!
Liki and Hui Ling..decided to take a walk in the beach after dinner..
yay kick higher!
the sand is cold at night..and very fine..I love it!
Liki and Hui Ling with More More Tea Inn at night..
haha the cartoon damn cute..
a close up picture..
we bought Justea from More More Tea Inn for a drink..

Then we went to the lobby where there is a big screen of projector to watch football! Woooooyeshhhh Germany won!! haha~
some key chain I bought from Redang Island for family and friends..wth this cost me about RM40+
play poker cards at night..
I won first round weeeee~
That's how we dry our clothes :D

After that we played Taboo till around 2.30am,then we all went back to bed to sleep..Dropped dead tired! 3 hours sleep,went on a plane,ferry then snorkeling is seriously not a very good idea LOL!It can cause you serious headache and damn dizzy haha..

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  1. lol this is what readers like. lotsa lotsa pictures!! not many boring stuffs =) glad u enjoyed yopur holidays.. your boyfriend sure feel very happy for you =D work hard rest hard!! rmb to post the 2nd day asap lol

  2. haha! lotsa lotsa picture lol! I still got picture from another camera,waiting for him to upload..yeap I enjoyed my holiday a lot..Now I really need to rest hard xD Will post the 2nd asap :)

  3. hey! did u get me anything? haha. the sea is beautiful la. i think malaysia's best beach, the sand are so clean. no wonder la. play 'guitar on the shore' oso nice hor. haha.

  4. no wor~ the gift is damn expensive lor! besides,you never remind me to buy you LOL..yeah the sea is damn beautiful~ very blue~ One of the Malaysia best beach..I heard that the Sabah's best also very nice..LOL! "guitar on the shore" nice one Nat

  5. wahhhh... so nice leh... laguna...
    i wanna go! perhaps in september cause ramadhan mth is cheaper :)

    i want waterproof cam :(

  6. yeah lor..Laguna is the second best resort in Redang..the best wan damn expensive wan lor..

    it's worth it to go :D feel like going again LOL

    I also want waterproof camera! that camera is not mine T___T


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