Redang Island Day Three

June 30, 2010

It's the last day of me in Redang Island T_____T This morning I woke up,I straight away went to Mark's room to look for my camera..Unfortunately,I couldn't find my camera! I lost my camera! I turned the bed upside down,searched in the cupboard and all I still couldn't find it! I started crying..I don't even have the appetite to take breakfast..I skipped the breakfast..I continued searching on and on..apparently TJ took my camera out the room and he lost it :(Xian Tze was shocked to see the mess lol

After 2 hours of crying,suddenly someone(I don't know who)got a called from Elyse saying that my camera is found! I was shocked! someone called Elyse and the girls while they were walking in the lobby and asked if they lost a camera..My camera is found! I feel so lucky! They actually found my camera at the table by the beach last night because they couldn't sleep! Then they looked through all the pictures in my camera and recognised my they called them :D
this is the uncle who found my camera..thanks so muchie T___T

After checking out,we went to More More Tea Inn to buy souvenirs..I bought a Hawaii shirt for my dad LOL
More More Tea Inn just opened
ola~ luckily got sunglasses xD
last sight of Redang Beach
Liki and Sam
Liki,Thinagan,Wei Jen and Moe
same person but Wei Jen close his eyes here :P
Group picture of us at the Jetty..except 2 indian guys who went ahead of us..
this one with the signboard :D

We took an hour ferry back to the Kuala Terrenganu jetty,then taxi back to town..we have to wait 9hours for our flight..I was so tired since I had such little sleep and 2 hours of crying makes my eyes damn tired :(
sunbeam..took in the taxi :D
we had lunch in McD
football fever!!
talking with the girls,Mark and Xian Tze in KFC,Giant
"Hit Hit Duck..Pukul Pukul _____ ?"

After several hours of being in the town,the taxi came and take us back to the airport..
I'm still fair right? xDdomokun in the meriam!
Hui Ling,domokun and Liki
domokun haha
#1 Mark,Xian Tze,Liki and Hui Ling
#2 Mark,Xian Tze,Liki and Hui Ling
#3 Mark,Xian Tze,Liki and Hui Ling
at the side entrance of the Kuala Terengganu airport..
like the waterfall xD
got many fishes weeeeeeee~
domokun punch me!
Liki and..
what is that? XD
we walked to the stall outside the airport for dinner..
and this was after dinner :D
the girls..
Liki and Xian Tze
Liki and Xian Tze
Liki and Pei Yee
Liki and TJ
the girls :D
group picture of us
Liki and Elyse
Moe and Liki
Liki and Hui Ling
Moe,Liki and Hui Ling
Moe,Liki and Hui Ling
TJ,Wei Jen,Moe and Liki
TJ,Wei Jen,Moe and Liki
Don't know what they're discussing
but TJ and Liki spotted the camera
everyone look up!
Liki and Hwei Hwei
Liki and Thinagan
don't know what I'm doing LOL
walking up the plane
bye bye Kuala Terengganu
Xian Tze and Liki
Reached back to Subang Jaya after 1 hour..
nice helicopter :D

TJ offered to send me home..Reached home around midnight..huhu..It's damn tiring..I took bath and mask then sleep :) Thank god I got no sunburn on my face or body..just my when I shower my hair..manyak sakit! xD

It's such a wonderful trip..Very relaxing and enjoying..I love Redang Island..I'll miss my college friends..1 and a half year of studying A-Levels with them..I had lots of fun in Redang Island..It's definitely the nicest beach I've ever been to so far..If got chance you must really visit this place..

I wanted to go Redang Island ever since I watched 夏日的麼麼茶 starring Richie Ren and Sammi Cheng in 2000..I heard that they're shooting 夏日的麼麼茶 2 in 2010 =DDDDD

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  1. hahha i see you have been enjoying ur trip the whole time except the part where u lost ur camera XD but yeah glad u like redang island.. feel happy to see u happy as well ^^

  2. >andriawan: thank you :)

    >handsome: yes I'd enjoy a lot..thank god I found my camera back or not Redang Island would be a bad memory for me haha! Thanks for feeling happy for me :D

  3. I like xian tze's long hair! =D
    enjoy your trip owh, the last time I went redang was during form3 or form4

  4. Really? I go tell him LOL! They say the water that time is nicer lehhh! Now is kinda dirty wor..But for me,it still cleaner than any other beach I've been to LOL..

    I miss Redang :D


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