Redang Island Day Two

June 29, 2010

Rise and shine everyone :D Good morning Redang Island!! I woke up quite early today..wanted to wake up earlier to watch sunrise but yesterday slept too late and today can't wake up XDmorning sand is cold~
I'm still in my pyjamas..loving the sky colour!Yeah I wore my pyjamas and had breakfast haha..
More More Tea Inn haven't open yetempty woooooh~ I like!
Sunshine..view from the restaurant
Redang Beach in the morning :D
it's getting hotter xD
but yesterday was even more hot! Today's weather is quite nice..
some other hotel room..
hello you little fella~

We went back to hotel room to get changed because 9.00am we're going snorkeling!!
the 15 tickets for today's snorkeling has become like this because they went snorkeling with us yesterday..LOL

Today we went to Marine Park..protected by the government..OMG it's so much more fun than yesterday's snorkeling! The fish just swam in front of me and I touched them! They bite me back though =X but it's not painful..very cute haha! I saw the colourful corals and etc..very very very nice! But I feel damn dizzy after an hour snorkeling..
we reached the Marine Park
it looks damn pretty lor!
I'm loving it here
dead corals found in the sand..
we're waiting for some people who went to the toilet..
quite easy to spot me..the short blue pants :D
#1 a group picture of us..not all was here though
#2 a group picture of us
#3 a group picture of us
camwhore in the sea LMAO
beautiful corals..
the corals like shining wan!
ahhhh lots of fishes at my geli haha
Liki and Hui Ling snorkeling..
spotted the camera and I said "Cheese"
hello fishy fishy
I recognised myself for posing "V" LOL
nehhh I told you ady XD
my signature pose LOL
the fishes was so curious "why the thingy(camera) got flash wan?" and they came sooo close to see the camera..damn cute!!
very cold T____T
Liki and Hwei Hwei
Liki and Mark
Liki and Xian Tze
while waiting for the boat
Hwei Hwei,Mark,Teng Jong,Xian Tze,Liki and Hui Ling
Liki and Hui Ling in the boat
in the boat on the way back to Laguna Redang Jetty

We reached back Laguna Redang Resort,wash off and straight away jump into the pool :D the jacuzzi damn nice lor :D
picture in the jacuzzi XD
camwhore in the jacuzzi this time haha
swimming pool :D

This time,Wei Jen,who is holding my room key is nowhere to be seen..he and his gang did not went snorkeling with Mark borrowed me his yellow shirt in case I get cold..I got no towel also leh!
waiting for my lunch ticket..
I love the paint!!
coconut tree grow from my head LMAO
from our table..we sat in second floor..
the lobby~
I supposed "Q" is the shortcut for queue?
the hallway..
haha why the shark wanna eat me instead of the mermaid LOL
Hwei Hwei and Liki playing pool..I know how to play wan leh LOL
macam so pro HAHA
my hands too short xD
I like More More Tea Inn
I'm still wearing my swimming suit inside..the yellow shirt is Mark's..he's so thin =X
shark number two LOL
I love the paint on the wall!
I shall paint one when I got the mood haha
Ahhh~ I manyak love the scenary here..
Liki and Hwei Hwei
Kisses from Redang Island
close up
I'm sending my ♥ to you from Redang Island hehe
I like the house colour kawaii
this little house is my
the sea and the sky colour tone is so beautiful..
it is as if they are stick together..
Redang Island is a place I would recommend to's beautiful and relaxing
haha very hot lah the weather lol
I feel like jumping into the sea!
and look at the white fine~
on the rock..beside More More Tea Inn
Okay ready?jump!!!
jump another side of the beach~
and jump in front of More More Tea Inn
completed :Dthe wind blow my hair like so poh haha
sit down and rest for a while..
camwhore with the sea as background..
Just snorkel and haven't bath =____= rinsed myself with pool water only..
my only sandals whenever I go beach..haha
it's better to take out the sandals..
and cover ur leg with the sand..very cooling!

After that,the guys continue playing pool while I went back to my room and take bath..I brought mask too because my face kinda got red red after being under the sun for too long..forget to use my SPF50 sunblock and instead use the lousy banana boat sunblock..
feel so much comfortable after taking bath..
camwhore in the toilet..
I went to the beach to find my friends and saw they built this human-like thingy with sand
and a mini sandcastle
Laguna Redang Island Resort
Liki and Xian Tze
trying to do "Peace" with my toe haha
blue blue sea..
very clean lor!
a bridge to the next door resort..
haha the cartoon damn cute
can anyone tell me what does this mean? lol
ahhhh relax here..
with flash..
actually this thing is kinda small haha
view from another resort..
manyak cantik lor~
I love this picture hehe..
actually I was quite scared because there's a lot of rock around..see what I meant? haha..
Xian Tze and I decided to go further..nothing much lah..just many big rock xD
mini welcome bridge xD
I like this picture of me too~
wonder why got smoke behind =X

I decided to do some gymnastic on the beach..and also,I didn't stretch before I usual..that's how I hurt myself and can't go competition anymore :(
cameraman ready?
somersault :D a bit senget..
this is 1 of the jump I do with my this case,without ribbon XD
and bridge!
I thought I can't do anymore..I didn't stretch before I do le..
this is with the scenary :DSiew Li,Pei Yee,Wen Xian and LikiCamwhore 7 people..Hui Ling wins lah hahaLiki,Elyse,Siew Li,Wen Xian,Pei Yee and Li Lynn
plus Hui Ling..all the girls who went :D
saw ketam LOLit's a female! :Dthis guy worked in Redang picked it up..
damn brave lor..but the crab didn't attack him hahadamn funny lor he did this pose..he no muscle also HAHAXian Tze is burried in the sand..with boobs HAHA
and gorilla tummy xDHui Ling,Xian Tze and Liki
love the clouds colour..
Hui Ling and Likiwalking in the beach..

Some sexyback picture of mine..

Then we girls decided to to jump together :D
ehhh I can see my hour glass figure LMAO..but last time is more obvious..must exercise d..
all the girls~
sky is getting darker..
Tiny tiny me and big resort..
they switched on the lights ady
all the guys and girls..preparing for photos..cameraman is Xian Tze
this is a group picture of us :D
yay beach volleyball! Me likey :D
they sky is getting really dark..
and we're still playing volleyball
going to have dinner!
view from above..
night view of Redang beach
volleyball at 7pm..after 8pm,we couldn't spot Calvin anymore~
while waiting for friends for dinner xD

I brought a lot of clothes there..wanted to wear all! haha! After dinner,went back and bath again..this time wear my favourite flower dress..newly bought :D
Hui Ling and Liki
hello Redang cat
we sat down and sang song..we wanted to sing karaoke but the guys took bath so long until the karaoke closed already =_= (Karaoke closed at 12.00am and they came down around 11.55pm)
Liki and Hui Ling

I went and meet up with Sam,the guy whom I met in the plane,with Hui Ling..he belanja us drinks =Dlater,Hui Ling went back to her room and 4 guys -Mark,Xian Tze,Hwei Hwei and TJ followed me..I didn't want to tell them because I scared they later "zat" me..LOL! After a while,everyone went back to the room and left me with Sam..

He is a nice guy and we chat for hours! We were sitting at the bench by the beach and he brought is guitar out from his room..and sang to me! He is a part-time singer..gosh,his voice is awesome!like play from radio..suddenly I received text from TJ saying that my camera is Sam accompanied me back to my room..

I wanted to find my camera but the last time I left it was in Mark's room..and he was very tired saying that we should only look for my camera tomorrow =/ I slept with Hui Ling,Hwei Hwei and TJ that night..we talked and talked until we fell asleep :)

It's the last night we're staying in Redang Island :( Time passed so fast! I don't wanna leave Redang Island yet T_T

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