Sunway University College Cambridge A-Levels Graduation Ball 2010

June 15, 2010

Today is the Cambridge A-Levels Graduation Ball 2010! I'm so excited :DDD It's my first time attending Graduation Ball,it's different from the previous proms I've been too :D Yeap it was on Monday because it's cheaper to book a ballroom on weekdays haha

I got my dress,heels and bags 2 days ago..It was a rush..I called my make up artist and fortunately,she is free on Monday :D I'm really lucky to manage to get those things done by Sunday :D

Here's my Graduation Ball cost:
1) Dress = RM220.00
2) Heels = RM119.00
3) Handbag = RM79.90
4) Make Up = RM120.00
5) Ticket + Photograph = RM110.00
6) Accessories = RM40+ (last 2 years)

zomg big hole in my pocket

Everyone was super excited,Mukand,TJ,Elyse and I were talking about the Graduation Night yesterday..we are all excited! Everyone will look so pretty and handsome :) I wasn't actually in the mood because my fever,sore throat and flu is getting worse :(

I was late for the Graduation Ball..I reached later than the VIPs LOL..According to the agenda of the night,I missed the Procession of VIPs and Stall,National Anthem and Opening Song..but its nothing big,there's a lot of people later than me!
it's like Opera Show O.O
Zhi Yuen,Liki,TJ
Yen Li and Liki
Chee Yung and Liki
Liki and Jia Xin
Girls :D
Nicholas and Liki
Uran and Liki
Mr Leonard,a General Paper lecturer..he didn't teach me but he is very friendly
Liki and Serena
Liki and Mark
Elaine and Liki
Liki-Kin Wai-Kai Yuan

I don't think it's a good idea that a ceremony and dinner combined together..We are supposed to go up stage one by one to get the certificate during dinner time =____= Imagine halfway you eating the abalone suddenly they called "Chee Li Kee" then I take one bite and say "coming!!!" running on the stage? hahahaha that'd be funny xP It didn't happen okay? lol..
Liki and Mukand
S3 girls :)
Liki and Tian Yuan
Liki and Stephanie
toilet picture xD
Liki and Calvin
I forget his name..
Shu Kai and Liki
Liki and Thinagan..he always borrow me his IPhone to play in class lol
Wei Jen,Liki,Moe Mike
Liki and Brenda
Haree and Liki
Vincent and Liki

And also,we're all busy taking photos so we actually walked around during speeches..I try to sit down and listen but everything is too distracting time!! :D
Mr Lee,my Further Mathematics teacher xD he very silly wan! very funny! haha
Liki and Lilynn
Christabel and Liki
I'm holding the dummies..
Mun Wai and Liki
Liki and Kee Siang
dinner time :D
My certificate
the orange juice is damn addictive! I had 5-6 glasses of them

In fact,we are called to queued up behind the stage halfway during dinner..Because of this,I missed the Steamed Live Patin Fish "Hong Kong" style and "Chilled Sour Soup and Pink Guava with Sago and Vanilla Cream" in the menu T_____T
camwhore in the toilet xD
love my bag XD
my tiara xD
Liki and Hui Ling
Ms Joanne,an Econs teacher..she didn't teach me but she's very nice to me too! She help me to take care of my bag during the Awards Ceremony
Mr Yong,another Further Mathematics teacher..he also very funny wan! Everyday tease me lol..

Everyone calls me Princess today..except....
Mr Yong: You look like a Queen
Me: Har? Queen ah? Teacher,Queen very old la..Princess can ah?
Mr Ala,a Physics lecturer but not mine..also very nice de :D
Liki and Twinkle
Liki and Charmaine
Liki and Tarsha
Liki and Nicole
Michelle and Liki
sexy girls :D
Liki and Clifford
Liki and Elyse
Liki and Yuan Ning
Liki and Xindi
Liki and Sue Jen
Hui Inn and Liki
Liki and Hwei Hwei
Priceless picture,my primary school friends : Yee Wen,Kah Yen and Liki
Liki and Bi Wei
Ms Chin,my chemistry teacher..ganas in class but very nice outside :D
Ms Irma,my ex-biology teacher..super nice and friendly!!
Liki and Tze Huay
Mukand,Liki and TJ
Siew Li and Liki
Liki and Pei Yee
Liki and Kin Wai,our valedictorian xD
Liki and Sandy
Kek Li and Liki
Kai Yuan and Liki
we had the same birth date =D
Liki and Terry

Kai Yuan and I went to dance floor for a short while but suddenly the dance floor is halved the people that were supposed to be there,we chicken out lol..continue snapping pictures! :D
Dr Wong,the Director of A-Levels Programme in Sunway University College
group pictures..failed
Mr Kingsley,my Physics lecturer..very passionate in Physics..
Physics students and Physics lecturer xD
Liki and Xian Tze
Liki and Samuel
Liki and Yun Soon

Aiyaa! Didn't take picture with Ms Vijaya..she left early =/

The Graduation Ball ends at 12.00am and the lecturers was kind enough to stay back with us :D
toilet picture again xD
how can leave ball without a toilet picture =P
Everyone is leaving the ballroom..

Mr Lee asked me how am I going back and I said,TJ fetch..then he was like"remember to hold on tight you know!" hahahaha! Because last year,TJ almost bang Mr Lee's car on the way to college..and he remembers it until now LMAO

Well,I guess it marked the end of my college life today..
I did have fun and enjoyed the night..To be honest,I don't feel like attending at the first place because I'm not feeling well..but,I'm really glad that I went..

To the Friends and Lecturers,Thanks for giving me all the sweet and memorable memories in Sunway University College♥

More pictures on Facebook =D

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