6th S5 Gathering (Cycling At Botanical Garden, Putrajaya)

July 10, 2010

Woke up around 7.00am and get prepared because I'm going cycling with my ex-classmates!!

So healthy hor?
reached Botanical Garden at Putrajaya..
Boon Wei and Liki at the Ticket Counter..

We can’t cycling in Botanical Garden,Putrajaya because they only have 30bikes to rent (there are 15 of us) They don’t want to rent it to us..I don't get the logic..So we went to Wetland Park for cycling..Eng Yuan,Hui Yi and Liki
going to rent bikes..
Ian,Mun Hon,Zhen Yoong,Kai Jie and Liki
Wei Quan,Ian,Shu Ying,Choon Lim,Liki,Boon Wei,Mun Hon,Chun Wai,Keeenen,Zhen Yoong,Chun Yik,Elizabeth,Hui Yi
All the S5 who went : Eng Yuan,Kai Jie,Ian,Shu Ying,Choon Lim,Liki,Boon Wei,Mun Hon,Chun Wai,Zhen Yoong,Keenen,Elizabeth,Hui Yi and Wei Quan
resting :D
Liki and Boon Wei
Flamingo Pond
Shu Ying and Liki
manyak mosquito ==
S5 at Flamingo PondOur signature pose :D

Then we cycle to Look Out Tower..
Panaroma picture
failed ==
from Look Out Tower
Liki xD
Liki and Elizabeth
Leaving our finger prints at Look Out Tower
Brunch at Serdang..

After having brunch at Serdang, we went to Jusco Equine Park to meet up with our former class teacher,Pn.Yap Sheau Wei..saw her cute little baby girl xD
doraemon! XD
CHS 5S5 2008 with Pn.Yap Sheau Wei

Thanks Chun Wai for organizing the gathering! and also Thanks for picking me up and sending me home :)

Can't wait for the next S5 gathering :D

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