Bon Odori 2010

July 18, 2010

I attend Bon Odori every year since 2008..In 2008,Carmen and I were one of the 5 student from CHS chosen to dance on stage..We went to Japanese School Of Kuala Lumpur where we learn and go dance training for the 4 dances on stage..That's how I get to know about the event..but because we were too busy dancing and didn't have chance to walk around in Bon Odori 2008,I decided to go Bon Odori in 2009..and now Bon Odori 2010 :)
collection of the Bon Odori fans since 2008

Jason fetched me around 4ish and we went to meet up his sister and friends..7 cars LOL..It's always at the same place - Stadium Matsushita,Shah Alam..we were late..we parked really far!! and it's at a corner after Tanah Perkuburan Islam =____= Super creepy okay..
Jason : You don't need a radio when you have two girls(Shi Ning and Liki) in the car..
yeah look at the background..we parked at some places like this..
Jia Le was behind directing a green MyVi - Jason driving
I love my make up! My friends said it's very natural..
I need to train to smile without teeth for my photoshoot..

So many people were there! I was late so I didn't get to meet up with bloggers..This year is the greatest number of people attending Bon Odori! Like really a lot of people! I went to buy food with Shi Ning and my younger brother..the queue was super long and it was hot! My face started to get oily :( By that time we sat down and eat,it was around 8pm already!
my green tea ice-cream! yummy!
my younger brother's chocolate ice-cream
unagi don! my dinner..
and my snack weeeeeeeeee~
Shi Ning and Liki
Shi Ning,Liki,my younger brother,Dylan
Shi Ning and I had the same pose except for the facial expression haha!

After eating,I walked around the stadium to see if I get to meet my friends..and dance of course :) We only dance the last session..I still can remember the dance! xD This year Bon Odori ended earlier..they should have ended later! It's really too big and I can't meet up with a lot of people T____T
some random japanese girl walked pass and we took picture with them
Nataneal was there too :D
I don't know who is the girl but the twins are Kin Wai and Kin Men from CHS
Liki and Kah Lee
a lot of people say I look like Japanese girl that day..
we left around this time..

After that,we headed to Steven's Corner to yumcha..
came home and remove make up then headed to get my beauty sleep :)

Many people attended Bon Odori this year! It's too packed that they decided to hold Bon Odori 2011 at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil!It's even better! But I won't be in Malaysia already..This is my last year of attending Bon Odori..

I had lots of fun :)

*more picture is with Ee Zhen's DSLR..I'll edit this post with the pictures when I get from her*

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  1. nice post... too bad didnt get to see u there.. i updated mine! do give some comments ya! :) thanks liki!

  2. yeah lor! I went there and was hoping to see you :( yeap I'll go your blog now ^^


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