Broganster Hill

July 11, 2010

Right after cycling with the S5 people, I took bath and then Carmen came to my house..waited for Calvin and Wen Jie then we went for dinner together :D After dinner,Chern Jung joined us and we googled the map to Broga Hills..

At 2.00am,we all wake up and Chin Ming came to my house..Wen Jie and I drove the A4 gangster to Broga Hills! We stopped by 7-11 nearby my house before we leave..

We reached Broga Hills at 4.00am and there we go..conquering Broga Hills in Semenyih!! Our outings is getting more interesting than just going out for movies,karaoke and eat!!

I was a little afraid because when we left,it was raining heavily and there's thunder when we were climbing..
the flash was so bright that I couldn't open my eyes..
photos xD

Broga Hills have 5 peaks..we are not allowed to enter the 5th peak because there have been cases of people missing in there..I made it to the first peak(which is the hardest for me)..I swear the slope was freaking 80 degree steepness okay!!
first peak xD
Calvin,Liki,Chern Jung,Carmen and Wen Jie
it was dark..
epic!!! It's like Carmen gonna kill Calvin with that bottle HAHA
this guy is damn freaking scary..he walked without torchlight and just..walk super fast..
Chern Jung,Carmen,Calvin,Liki and Chin Ming

I was asking for a stop but my friends decided to continue to the highest peak..I never thought myself making it up to the highest peak(4th)..The feeling is indescribable..I have never felt great before..I'm so proud of myself!!I MADE IT UP TO THE HIGHEST PEAK AT BROGA HILLS! I must bold and caps lock and enlarge the sentences *clapclap*
view from the highest peak of Broga Hills
when the sky got brighter and you looked feels kinda scary xD
Chin Ming,Liki,Carmen,Chern Jung and Wen Jie
Chin Ming,Chern Jung,Liki,Carmen and Calvin


I love the scenary there..while we were coming down from the hill,we took lots of pictures with Wen Jie's was beautiful..
look at the clouds!
like forest..
like this pose of us xD
looking down from top
us enjoying the scenary..
hello xD
It was supposed to be candid..
I'm really loving it..
This was half conscious and half candid..We were all looking at different directions!
down we go~
Look at how steep it was!
We were helping each other..
I was tying my shoelace,Carmen was taking a breath and Chin
it was really steep!
Chin Ming,Liki and Carmen
I was talking to Calvin
Thanks to Guan Yin Ma for the nice weather and safe climb..blessing our outings :)
When I turned back and look,I didn't know I've been that far..
and it's all worth it..
Blur picture of us..
love the girl,love the background,love the pose
Liki and Carmen camwhore..wait,look at the guys behind LOL
and they joined in the picture xD

We came back down from Broga Hills around 8.50am..
And our stomach were making noises..
My car: me,Chern Jung and Carmen and Wen Jie's car : Wen Jie,Calvin and Chin Ming
Went to mamak for breakfast!

Thanks for my friends for helping me along the way and supporting me up till the end..I couldn't have done it without them..They taught me a lesson,that we shouldn't give up or do things halfway,we must complete the road..It's not that I can't do it,it's just the lack of confidence..One thing I learnt about myself,is that I'm passive-minded..I shall be more optimist now :)

They always taught me lessons in life and being with them make me learn more about myself..
We are always in love♥

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  1. We have been in love for 5 years already and still going.. :)

    I love all of the pics! And I'm so proud of you! There's no such thing as impossible! :D

  2. Thanks Carmen..I love you and the A4 gangster a lot..thanks for growing up with me♥

    I love the pictures too!

    I couldn't have done it without you all ♥

  3. wow amazing posts, very interesting your posts really made my day..


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