Calvin's Pre-Birthday Celebration

July 23, 2010

After attending the Clinique Star Tour 2010 and had lunch with Carmen,I saw the Mix FM cruiser in front of The One Academy and I called Calvin and Shi Ning to join since we are having lunch at the restaurant nearby..

We play games and surprisingly,Calvin won first,Shi Ning won second and I won third! So each of us walked home with prizes :D
The Mix FM cruiser called me Miss Sunshade
Mix FM :D
Winners with the Mix FM cruiser!
They are friendly and fun!

It was then I realised,why does the chinese girl so familiar wan..So I approached her
Liki: You seemed familiar..
Jing: Yeah you too! You're from CHS right?
Liki: OMG! Yes! I knew it! *talktoshining "See I told you she's from CHS"*
Jing: I know you when you are in form 1 or 2..dancing right?
Liki: YES!! Now I remember! We danced together before!
wow! Like that also can meet back my senior!!!
the Mix FM merchandise that I won

We waited for Wei Lon and Kheng Hoe then went for lunch at Restaurant Ming Tien nearby..
I had lunch with Carmen earlier so I didn't eat :)

Then we went to Taylors' Library..Calvin and Shi Ning study,I teach Kheng Hoe and Wei Lon,as usual,doodling around..
I love their library! very nice!
wow my shadow =D
Liki and Kheng Hoe,my student
my cute student
smile :)
I love the chair!
on the stage
I'm the only one camera-conscious LOL
Wei Lon and Liki
I was teaching Kheng Hoe Chemistry
Pro leh?

Solo picture of myself:
Buying movie tickets online
Liki,Kheng Hoe and Wei Lon
Liki and Calvin
My student is doing my tutorial while I doodle around xD
Kheng Hoe is asking questions about Chemistry
suddenly I got a call about training..Liki,Calvin,Kheng Hoe,Shi Ning
Now Calvin is asking my Form 6 Physics..haha notice his eyes!
Wei Lon's face is cut..haha
That was supposed to be my leg =__= failed..
then Kheng Hoe asked me to do this pose..
Why Calvin so serious neh..
and Wei Lon suggested me to do this it's so famous on Facebook LOL
act cool with sunglasses
Calvin,Liki,Kheng Hoe,Shi Ning
Group picture of us that went to Taylors' Library
another group picture of us
this picture is damn funny lor..and I was there stoning with Shi Ning
walking down the stairs
this picture is quite coordinated lor!
the background look so artificial!

We then went to Sunway Pyramid for dinner and movies!
At Zen's Kitchen!
Liki and Calvin
Liki and Shi Ning at cinema
trying to imitate the poster..
Kheng Hoe looked like the guy lor!
I love the One Republic - Secret song in the show!
after the movies..

I drove home straight and dropped dead on bed..I just lay on bed then fell asleep easily:) I used take 2 hours rolling on the bed before falling asleep,but I get a good night sleep lately..

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