Cheer 2010

July 11, 2010

After we came back from Broga Hills,Wen Jie and Carmen went home while Chin Ming,Chern Jung,Calvin and I went to Cheer 2010 at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil..Awesome right? I was already a quarter alive =____=
I'm in Cheer 2010!!
thank god I made it in time to watch our school cheerleading..
Go! Fight! Win!
You girls were awesome :)
Go Calyx!!!
Shi Ning and Liki
Calvin,Shi Ning and Liki
Wei Lon and Liki
Liki and Chern Jung
Liki and Ren Hong,my kai gor..It's been a long time :)
Liki and Jason

After watching my CHS Calyx performed and while other school is performing,Chern Jung started shaking me and asking me to look up..I was like "what?what?" then he say "look up there...LOOK!" Then I saw.....
erm..making out in the public? Shameless people..they were hot-kissing and touching here and there..then then..the guy's head went underneath!!! Like WTH? But my friends and I was enjoying the show LOL We were like "Wah see see! Again liao again liao!" LOL!

We turned our head to the right and there's another couple in the box..
well,they were hot-kissing and touching each other too but not as bad as the one above =___= At least the guy's head didn't went underneath =____=

We look at the two couples more than the cheerleading performance lor!

I was so tired that I left early..I did not wait for the results..Though I know CHS Calyx did really well,they improved a lot ever since 2 years ago..I came home and took nap..

Someone spotted me in Cheer..
took this photo and sent it to me =____=

Anyway I really have to get some sleep..what a marathon weekend..But I had fun!! =D I exercised..and surprisingly my leg did not hurt at all! Weeeeee~

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  1. haha.. u spotted nice scene too. >.<.they all so daring

  2. yeah haha! This one is in the stadium you know! It's more than half full lol

  3. i so love looking at your posted pictures its very nice..and you have undeniably awesome blog

  4. lol.i was at cheer too.XD and i can see myself in one of those pictures.ahhahah.


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