Clinique Star Tour 2010

July 22, 2010

It was pretty random and spontaneous day where I decided to go to the Clinique Star Tour 2010..As I was blogwalking,I came across this event and I thought,it looks pretty fun! So I called up Carmen to accompany me to attend the roadshow :)
It was held in Monash University..first time entering the university although I've been studying in Sunway University College for one year and a half..It looks pretty empty..we woke up damn early and reached there damn early so we don't have to wait long :)
just pay RM30 and filled in your particulars in the form then you'll get:
1)Custom-fit consultation by Clinique Experts
2)Makeup by Clinique Makeup Experts
3)Hair styled by Salon Espirit
4)Fashion photo by a professional photographer
5)Door gift worth RM130
while waiting for my turn..Number 7 :D
The vouchers and the form..

There's two type of makeup you can choose :Fresh & Natural and Young & Chic..I chose Young & Chic while Carmen chose Fresh & Natural
love the juicy background :)
toilet picture is a-must XD
doing my make up..sorry lah I was still very sleepy..
my make up artist very cute lor!like little girl only xD
make up by the expert - Alicia
keep camwhoring xD
almost done..just a little touch-up to go :D
I love my natural hair colour♥
getting my luscious curls done
half is done LOL
I keep taking pictures while she's doing my hair lor haha!
I wonder if she feels irritated when I camwhore while she's curling my hair LMAO
my hair is done..say CHEESE
love the make up :)
Carmen and Liki at Clinique Star Tour 2010
and a close up picture of us :)
love this's like I'm shining..
toilet picture AFTER make up XD
what do you think about my make up and hair? :)
I like my T-shirt! It's from Sg Wang..
wow I looked tall here O.O
Liki and Carmen..we camwhore 15minutes in the car LMAO
I had fun with Carmen weeeeeeee~
Carmen(Fresh & Natural) and Liki(Young & Chic)

Note: Below are some super vain photos took in the car

There are more trust me! If I upload all,it will scare all my readers away LOL

After camwhoring in the car for 15minutes,Carmen and I had lunch then Carmen went home while I'm heading to my next destination ->Taylors Library..Will update in the next post :)
stuff I get from Clinique Star Tour 2010 roadshow today

It was less than 3 hours and my photo was up on the website..
The outcome of the photoshoot :)

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  1. Seriously babe you look gorgeous! Lovin' the picha & the makeup & of course the total stunning curls!! :D

  2. thanks babe♥ I love the make up and the curls too♥

  3. Nice friend...visit my if u free ekh ;D

  4. thank u :) yeap I'll drop by your blog ^^

  5. whoa, u looked chic! like your eye make-up and the curls leh :D


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