Happy Birthday Hippy

July 14, 2010

“Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world.”
Hippy is 6 years old already!!! So in dog years,he is 42 years old! So old already..still a virgin..I'm looking for a girlfriend for Hippy! Anyone has a female poodle? xD
I bought this cute little toy for him!! The backside of dinosaur..RAWR!!
and we got a super chio cake to celebrate xD
layers and layers of chocolates! yum!
even the chocolates has design on it..
there you go..My cutie and his chocolate cake =DDDD
the footprints are soooooo cute!
his little blue toy and dog-print chocolate cake xD
he is super happy =DDDD
I love the cake lah..really really cute LOL
Happy birthday to my love..
can you see his cutie face?
I love Hippy soooooo muchie!
Liki holding Hippy's hand to cut the cake..

Actually I'm quite sad..It's gonna be my last year celebrating Hippy's birthday because I'm going overseas to study..I used to celebrate Hippy's birthday every year ever since I got him..

Read Hippy's 5th Birthday Celebration here Last year he was botak..at least this year somebody very handsome celebrate his birthday hor? :)
Hippy 我爱你♥

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  1. such a nice celebration with your dog... any pic of him eating the cake ??

  2. hello, 1st time dropping by,
    the pic of ur doggie wif the bday cake is soooooo lovely!! :)
    Cute max!

  3. hehe happy birthday hippy!! ^^
    I also love hippy so much! But your cake is chocolate wo, Hippy can eat meh? :D

  4. >Ronnie: haha yeah he was very happy..No wor..I didn't let him eat the cake..XD

    >Cammy: hey thanks for dropping by :) I love the cake too! >.<

    >Carmen: hehe..Hippy very lovable hor? Hippy didn't eat the cake >.<


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