In My Hot Air Balloon

July 04, 2010

Chin Ming called and asked if I'm free to work..since I have nothing to do,I thought,why not? My parents drove me and my brother to the working place last night because they were afraid if we got lost on the way to nice :)

We were told to reach the working place,Stadium Melawati,Shah Alam at 4pm..
yes we're working for this concert =_____=
the stage before it started..
hello :D
booklet that we were supposed to give out..
ahhhh the first four tickets I tear LOL
saw the TV3 car..

Our dinner was buffet! Awesome! :D and we get to eat in the artist room..and make up artist room LOL
so bored till we started climbing the gates LOL
and don't know why got hot air balloon..we get to see it LIVE!
in less than 200m..awesome!!
went in the stadium and saw this leng chai angmoh singing..

We thought the work ends at 12.00am but at 10.00pm,we were released! I rushed home to watch the Germany VS Argentina match...huhu! Argentina lost already!! Maradona is crying and so do I LOL

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  1. waaah leng chai amoh.. hopefully ur bf dun read ur blog, or else he gets jealous.. anyway nice job =)

  2. haha of course my boyfriend more handsome lahh..ang moh is not my type :P


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