MTV World Stage 2010

August 01, 2010

It was one of a kind! It's was my first time attending a concert like that(you'll know what I meant when you read the whole post)! Nataneal fetch me from my house around 3ish..didn't talk much because I'm saving my voice to screaaaammmmmmm~ had sore throat last night :(
Thanks to Nataneal for the tickets :)
Blue zone tickets..
details are as seen in the picture above..

We were super lucky because we got a parking once we enter the parking lot :D So many cars were entering and they closed certain parking entrance! It was jammed at Sunway area!
The queue before the concert started..super long queue..I can't see the entrance O.O
Nataneal and Liki
as you can see,the sky is kinda bright and hot! I'm already sweating!
suddenly the line was smooth and we were much nearer to the entrance
I'm so excited to see Katy Perry!!

All of the sudden,the sky turned dark and I felt something was wrong..Nataneal went to get the umbrella from his car while I wait at the queue..but before he was back,the rain started pouring heavily..OMG my whole body was soaking wet! I was really lucky to see Crystal there! She was under an umbrella with her friends so I just joined in! Thank goodness she was there!!!

Nataneal came back with a yellow umbrella,which he bought from Sunway Pyramid LOL! but later on have to throw away because no umbrellas are allowed in the Surf Beach..RM20.00 for using the umbrella once LOL No umbrellas allowed but raincoats are given out for free!
everyone is wearing a raincoat
We're both wet! My whole shirt,bra,panty,socks,boots,pants,bags,everything is wet!
this is Crystal :) She went modeling with me before
I was washing my hands using the nature's water and Nataneal thinks this picture is funny..Funny meh?
Liki and Nataneal at MTV World Stage 2010!
Bunkface is the first to perform!
everyone cheered!
and louder cheer!
They sang Bunk Anthem,Prom Queen and 3 other songs..
this fan is so useful for me to fan away the @#&^@ smoke
Wonder Girls!!
they are HOT! They performed 2 Different Tears,Hot,Tell Me and some other songs..
I love their Glittery Dress!!
I want nobody nobody but chuuuuuu..
Liki and Crystal
Nataneal and Liki
Tokio Hotel performed Darkside Of The Sun,Behind My Walls,Automatic,Human Connect To Human,Monsoon,Zoom Into Me and other songs..
My fan wet d T___T
We were waiting for Katy Perry..
Liki and Crystal
waiting for next artist to perform after another is tiring! We waited like 45minutes?
my make up smeared a little
My big eyeballs XD
If you see properly,the raincoat got a tie pattern!

And then,when Katy Perry stepped on stage,everyone goes CRAZY! I got so energetic and started jumping!
love the huge banana split!
Katy Perry wrapped till so tight!
California Gurls :D
She singing One Of The Boys
Waking Up In Vegas
I Kissed A Girl

I love Katy Perry♥♥♥ She sang California Gurls,Hot & Cold,I Kissed A Girl,Teenage Dream,Waking Up In Vegas,Peacock,and Thinking Of You..KATY PERRY!!!♥♥♥

Wonder Girls performed again after Katy Perry..I think they want to retake the performance due to the bad weather..I enjoyed the would be better if it didn't rain..the weather was playing with us..Rain,stop,stop,rain T___T Oh,I was tweeting LIVE from MTV World Stage 2010 too :D

After the concert,Nataneal and I were 90% dead..we've got no drinks or foods because it's not allowed inside! We went to Stevens' Corner for dinner/supper/breakfast at 2something in the morning..reached home around 3.30am..My boots were soaking wet and my feet stinks! Ewwwww..finally at 4ishh,I slept on my comfortable bed..It's the best moment of the day lol

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  1. u went in quite early yet u r way at the back... im even worse! :(

  2. Wow, didn't know it was that great. Kinda sad that I missed Katy Perry :)

  3. >Henry : Not really that back actually..I can still see they performed XD some people just squeezed in front so we moved more and more backwards

    >Thristhan: hehe it was great :) Katy Perry is awesome! You can watch MTV World Stage on MTV Asia premiere on 21 August :)


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