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July 17, 2010

Today is the CHS Choir voting day for the next batch Calvin called Willion,Dylan and I to visit the choir :)
Willion reached first,then me and then Dylan..We miss the CHS canteen food and thanks to Kheng Hoe,I'm addicted to yao yao ping sold in CHS canteen now..
I was studying the scores..
and singing it..
Liki,Willion and Dylan :D
the choir room mirror..I bet EVERYONE took pic with this mirror before..
Dylan was playing piano and I was writing something on the board..
haha Dylan's facial expression manyak funny
having fun in choir room..lots of memories here you know? :)
I'm bringing sexyback~
Shi Ning(Alto),Calvin(Tenor) and Liki(Soprano)
they're practising for choir competition tomorrow..
ahhh I miss singing in choir! Dylan and Willion is bass so I guess we completed each other :D

After hanging around the choir room,we went to Midvalley to have dinner while Dylan went to work(in Midvalley too)..
Shi Ning,Liki and Willion
Shhhhhh..Someone is sleeping..
it's Dylan!!! Yeap..he is working in Midvalley in the box haha! If you're lucky you will see him then say hi to him for me ya xD
walking to the shop that Dylan is promoting..some skin care product..we're going to get some samples!
we're actually just right outside the shop..
this is what is written on the wall
so cute lah he! hahahaha~
the fluorescent light reflection makes me look like I grow mustache ==
Willion,Liki and Shi Ning
had dinner at Madam Kwan's
Liki and Shi Ning
was quite tired actually..
looking at my face above,I think I was ordering foods and drinks LOL
Shi Ning looked so stressful here..yeah we're counting the votes at Madam Kwan's
Last picture of the day :)

Tomorrow is the State Level Choir Competition at Wisma MBSA,Shah Alam!Dylan and I will be there :)

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