Nuffnang Special Screening - Twilight Eclipse

July 08, 2010

One sunny afternoon,suddenly,I received email saying that my invitation to watch Twilight Eclipse is revoked because I did not reply their email!

I was like wtf when I received this ==

I got the invitation from Nuffnang for the Twilight Eclipse Premiere~ I didn't know I got it till I was revoked..I immediately write to their helpdesk and in Twitter..I was lucky enough,they re-invited me..and I got back my tickets! Nuffnang is good afterall..I thought they would ignore me =P
Yay 2 free premiere movie tickets :D
make up of the day..

Reached on time in Curve to get the tickets..I thought I'd be late =X Meet up with Tony and Hitomi..then Boon Wei and Sine Yee for movies :D Thanks to Tony for giving me the Limited Edition Back Up Plan Cosmetic Bag :)Ermm the tagline a little
but it's quite useful for traveling though :D Thanks Tony ^^
had dinner at Marché Restaurant
they gave cards and u walk around for foods..
yum salad~

To be honest,I don't think the movie is worth to watch sorry Twilight fans..I think it's damn ridiculous lor! I keep yawning..feeling bored..disturb Boon Wei who sat beside me..LOL!

Thanks to Nuffnang for re-inviting me to the Premiere of Twilight Eclipse :)

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  1. Haha welcome. =)
    I thought girls your age would naturally like the film. =p

  2. No lor! I feel the movie is damn ridiculous..your post about this is even funnier lor


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