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July 28, 2010

Every week,I will have dim sum in the morning with Jason..Only he who I know love dim sum,who willingly to drive me around and can wake up early to accompany me for breakfast xD Oh I love waking up in the morning for dim sum xD
prawn shaomai
I don't know what is this call but it's yum yum!
hong kong chee cheong fun
this is my favourite dim sum!
it's called har gau (Shrimp Dumpling)
then we headed to KL because Jason wants to buy volleyball..he bought 22 volleyballs! He used to be our school volleyball team..
spotted's my favourite ice-cream! Hazelnut!
My favourite Lecka-Lecka

After going to KL,we headed to Midvalley for lunch and movie..
thought of watching "Triple Tap" because I got 2 free movie tickets from Boon Wei..
but Jason said he wants to watch Karate Kid..and I haven't watch it too! Kinda outdated liao XD
had lunch at Sushi Zenmai,The Gardens
this don is delicious!
stole some salmon from Jason's don xD

After movies,Jason accompany me to Jusco Market to restock my house Mamee Sllrrrp!!In recent months, Mamee Sllrrrp has grown to be a favourite instant noodle amongst college students..It has gained many fans and addict! I need to restock because the Mamee Sllrrrp in my house finished quickly!
there are so many varieties!
which one to choose?Hmmm
I think I'll just buy these 3 flavours lah XD

By the way,as I was wandering,I stumbled upon this..
is it me or does that thing looks like condom?
erm okay..pulse..
don't u think the blue thingy look like sperm shape?
even their slogan sounds wrong lor!But the chewing gum is quite tasty! Their packaging unique nia xD
oh and I walked pass this colourful doughnuts..Must buy it next time!
if you recognised this ice-cream from my Bon Odori 2010 post..

Thanks for the dim sum,the ride,Lecka-Lecka and movies,Jason :)

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