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July 21, 2010

I miss CHS! Like really really miss CHS! I miss the school bell,the school uniform,the canteen food,the choir room and most importantly the friends in high school..

Chin Ming and I went to Panasonic for briefing because we're hired to be the part-timer there :) They just brief us and we must go back and study about Panasonic..After briefing,Chin Ming decided the place to eat -> CHS Canteen LMAO

I'm not joking..CHS Canteen food is awesome! It's cheap and delicious! Our school canteen is the best canteen compared to all school so far! Don't compare ours with private school lah..
the famous Ramly Burger..RM1.50 so cheap!
the damn addictive Yao Yao Ping - Red Bean flavour also RM1.50
forgive me for my tiredness..lack of sleep and pimples everywhere gah!

Then,we went to Form6 block to look for our friends :D
Liki and Calvin
Kong Weng and Liki..notice the little white plane? Calvin threw it =___=

Went back home and slept for almost 5 hours!

"Why you never step out from your room at all?" my brother asked.

"Well,that is because you wake up when I sleep"


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  1. hi fiona sit! hahaha XD i just random cause ur cbox not working :P

  2. haha fiona sit LOL! I go your blog to spam now XD


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