To Teach Is To Learn Twice

July 08, 2010

Kheng Hoe is sitting for SPM this year and he asked for help from me,Calvin,Wei Lon,Chen Hoong and Chen Foong..since we're all his senior and *ahem* our results are quite good,we can teach xD

I don't want to waste my holidays just staying home and doing nothing..I want to do something that benefit what I'm doing already - exercise,earn money,clean up my room,lighten my parent's burden..and to myself : I want to make use of the things I've learnt before

So I went to Taylors University College's library!
this way please..
there is me,behind Kheng Hoe..looking around the library..super nice weiiii!
Felt so weird holding the SPM Chemistry and Physics book xD
Say Cheese xD
tutoring Kheng Hoe..
Facebook-ing after finish tutoring..
I'm a not-bad tutor okay..I can teach xD..Woah look at someone there..playing Dota until blur case..
This was candid..we're not posing..Calvin's posing "Sa Rang Hae" HAHAHAHA
That's Me =)
Kheng Hoe and Liki..People very pro in piano wan okay..Try Google his name..LOL
Wei Lon,Kheng Hoe and Liki
I left the library around 6.30pm..

Then something funny happened..I reversed my car and suddenly I heard "dong dong dong" sound..I thought it was rock or something..But 3 indian guy(the Taylors University College guard) stopped me and they went underneath my car,trying to pull out something..I got down from my car to see what happened..The whole orange cone went underneath my car! I don't recall seeing it behind my car when I reverse lor! I turned and turned,move forward and backward while the 3 indian guy trying to take it out from my car..The orange cone was successfully taken out after few rounds of forward and backward..The 3 indian guy was laughing at me lor =____=

Even Calvin,Wei Lon and Kheng Hoe were trying to see me from the library window!

Calvin said "This is the joke of the day..I must tweet this.." T_T

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