What a Dreadful Hot Weather We Have!

July 31, 2010

It's my second time working for Panasonic and this time,I was sent to Panasonic Air-Conditioning Factory at Shah Alam(Shah Alam again =_=)
I only worked 2 days! =D
Ms Kim sent this to me and asked me to go myself..

It was quite dangerous lor! It's a factory and all the huge sized lorry going in and out the factory..who knows if an air-cond just fell on your head! I was quite lost there..walking and walking..with all those indonesian/bangladesh people looking at me! Damn sket lor!

Then,I found the place and I just walked in..blur blur..then the supervisor asked me "Eh you walk so fast,want to go where?" LOL
a pass given at the guard house
have to wear it all the time in the factory..

This time,not Vees Delicooker but Panasonic microwave oven and rice cooker booth beside me..I went and steal took the samples XD
this is where I will be standing
Coffee sponge cake made with Panasonic Rice Cooker
where I stand and promote Panasonic Beauty Product
Oh I love this Face Steamer..Someone get this for me please? :P

This sales is only for the Panasonic Air-Conditioning factory workers so people will only walk in during their break : 12.00pm-2.30pm and 5.30pm-8.00pm..so while nobody walk in,
I watch tv with the others..Watched Ice Age 3,Avatar,Harry Potter,Fast n Furious over and over again
took pictures too!
My booth was beside the toilet bowl so when I'm tired,just sit there like this..damn ke lian(pity) hor? HAHA! I will sit there and chat with the others..
this Hello Kitty lamp caught my attention!
So what if it's just for children? :P
Preparing to start working at 5.30pm again..

My second time working in Panasonic is more senang and easier than my first time because we have longer breaks..even the time passed faster :)

I hate it when those people started asking for my numbers and I don't want to give them!Snapping photos of me when I didn't notice it (Belindle told me)! Urghh!

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  1. aiyoyo. pity u..
    go alone somemore u look soooo not-liki !

  2. haha what you mean soooo not-liki ? O.O

  3. liki normally vry hot n sexy ma. dat liki in d pic, so 单调

  4. haha got mou? Can't be hot and sexy in factory lah! The weather is damn hot thought XD

  5. yea. understood... but u cover urself wiv long pants n shirt. oso hot rite? lol

  6. hot lah! I keep using the panasonic fan to fan myself haha!

  7. maybe they purposely wan you to use the fan. so they had the location in a hot place so you can use the fan as demo =p

  8. haha got like that wan meh? It's damn weird lor..they called it Panasonic Air-Conditioning Factory but that place no air cond =__=

  9. air-con factory but no air-con? XD zadou !

  10. haha yeah lor! They only manufacture air-cond LOL


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