Bing Xiong's Farewell

August 14, 2010

I feel so tired + headache + neck pain + sleepy lol..

leave my house(11.30pm) -> Jason's House (12.00am) -> Pelita SS2 (12.30am) -> Original Kayu (1.00am) ->SS2 Playground (2.30am) -> Jason's House (3.30am)

We went back to Jason's house to rest then at 4.30am,we leave the house (2 cars) to LCCT..walao..damn tired..I can't stand and slept in the car..but they drove damn fast,around 140hm/h so we reached LCCT in 1 hour time haha!We even drove passes Bing Xiong's car!

Can I join them?
Clockwise from top: Kok Hoe,Jia Le,Jay Wvin,Fang Fang,Jerome,Liki,Bing Xiong,Jason and Aaron
the black book he holding is messages from all of us :)
Bing Xiong and Liki

Bing Xiong is leaving to Indonesia for medicine course..Take care Dr.Ong..

After Bing Xiong checked in,
dimsum(7.30am) -> Jason's house (9.20am) -> SS2 (2.15pm) -> Home Sweet Home (4.00pm)

Walao! I'm super tired! Don't even know what I'm typing now.Good Night.

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  1. wao u r such a great friend to actually send ur friend at airport!I am really lazy just byebye through a phone call la LOL

  2. haha..he is my friend I nothing to do then send my friend lor..I don't have his phone number XD


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