Friends Are Relatives You Make For Yourself

August 19, 2010

It's been a long time since I meet up with Kelly! If I'm not mistaken,the last time I saw her was in high school..

I called up Kelly and Shi Ning so we can meet up..We hardly talk or meet each other after our dance competition together..I always meet Shi Ning for outings and gathering..but not Kelly..

Let me show you,

this was taken in 2008
this was few days ago..

Big difference! Yes?No?

I pulled both of them to go shopping with me at my favourite boutique at Sunway Pyramid-Pearl Habour..It's cheap and nice :D We had dinner at Pasta de Gohan and all 3 of us couldn't finish the dinner..

And also,I broke things at Mini Toons..Damn innocent wan lor!
stupid monkey always come my house steal my food!
Once broken,considered sold T___T

We then headed home around 10ish because Shi Ning have class tomorrow morning :D
Kelly,Liki,Shi Ning..sorry for my hand-shaking..3 of us wear so differently! Kelly wore dress,I wore long pants and Shi Ning wore short pants haha!

Ahhh it's so nice to catch up with the girls..I miss them a lot :DDDD We should hang out more often ya!

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