The Harder I Work,The More I Live

August 19, 2010

It's my 10th week of holidays! I haven't had enough! I've been busy all the time..Don't even have a proper time to stay home..Also,I had stomach ache for 3 days already! It was freaking pain until I couldn't sleep for two nights! I think I shall see doctor if the pain lasts till friday..

Despite stomach ache and not having much time for myself,I still went for work..Hardworking eh? :) Yeap I went back to work at The Whisky Bar,Kuala Lumpur..Read my post on Grand Opening of Whisky Bar

it was after work..while waiting for people to fetch me..taken with Allycia's whiteberry :D

I love working with Allycia..she's a very sweet girl..though she's 1 year younger than me,she's more hardworking and experienced than I am! Working with her is enjoying and fun..we both will keep chatting..yak yak yak until finished work haha!
love the whisky shelf behind me :)

I just worked today and I'm going to spend it shopping tomorrow with Kelly and Shi Ning! Weeeeeeeeeeeee~

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  1. Interesting, how can you put music in yur blog???

  2. you copy and paste the URL on your blog HTML here :)


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