A-Levels Results Day

August 12, 2010

The day of A-levels results has finally come..I never thought time flies so fast..Keep reminding myself to enjoy while waiting for results XD Nataneal even took me out last night for a drink(read the post here) till late night so I won't have to wake up at 7.00am in the morning and refreshing the website to check the results..

It worked..Really..I woke up around 9isshh and started turning on my laptop..Logged in my account and checked..

Thank God :)

My mind wasn't thinking about "STRAIGHT As!" but instead "YES I can fly off (in a uni overseas)"

And that's what I am satisfied for..Thanks to Mr.Yong,Mr.Lee and Mr Chin for maths..Thanks to Ms Chin and Ms Vijaya for Chemistry and Thanks to Mr.Kingsley for Physics..Thank you for your guidance and care throughout the 1.5years in Sunway University College..

Thanks to my boyfriend for everything he did to help me out..thanks love♥

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