Nuffnang Premiere Screening - Going The Distance

August 27, 2010

I think the whole day I was so damn blur..Nataneal pick me up in the morning and we went down to KL to find my favourite earrings because I lost it..we look for very long time and still couldn't find it..apparently they say they don't sell it anymore :( So I went into the car feeling disappointed..Just a few minutes after I sat in the car,I found the earrings inside the bag I was using..I gave the "O.O" look to Nataneal and he said my expression was priceless and we both laughed at my dumbness and went to Kuchai Lama for lunch(pan mee)!

Then,we went to Snowflakes Dessert at SS15! :D

so cute!!
yummy! I couldn't finish it because I was still full and it was quite "cooling" XD

After that,I went home to take bath and had dinner (since my mom cooked) then went to Midvalley for the Premiere Screening of Going The Distance!
I love the movie! It's so funny and romantic! Make me think about my boyfriend so much! My boyfriend and I are currently in Long Distance Relationship and trust me,things aren't that simple as you think..But we're very much in love with each other ♥ It's a chick flick and girls love chick flick ♥ I would recommend this movie to people XD

Go watch "Going the Distance" which will hit the big screens on 2 September in Malaysia! :D

I forgot to wear contact lens so I was worried that I couldn't see the screen later..But then I found my spectacles in my bag after Tony and I sat down LOL! Seriously blur like don't know what..

Meet up with other bloggers..
Wenyi,Ching Yih.Shii Teck,Tony and Liki
Shannon,Wenyi and Liki
Liki and Shii Teck
Liki and Debbie
and group pictures with other bloggers - Shannon,Debbie,Shereen&Xiu Qi,Wenyi,Tony,Richard Teo,Steven,Ching Yih,Shii Teck,Liki,Jia Yeen,Boon Wei
Thanks to Nuffnang for the invites :)

Check out my winning post here

Anyway I have got to pack because I'm going to Langkawi Island tomorrow!

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  1. LOL, romantic movie of course will make you think of your boyfriend le. haha

  2. Haha..but this one is LDR..different mah..mostly romantic movie are not LDR de >.<

  3. haha, u posted after getting the pics from xiang :) nice! i should repost with pics this time~

  4. yeah I often update my post late because were waiting for the pictures >.<


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