Premiere Screening of Step Up 3D

August 26, 2010

Today was like a rush for me..Firstly I woke up late..Boon Wei asked me to go Astro to collect prizes for him,my elder brother asked me to send him to university,Calvin and Wei Lon asked me to go study at Taylors Lake Side,I got dinner with bloggers and the Step Up 3D movie starts at 8.00pm!

After dropping my elder brother to uni,I went to Astro and they said closed already.Then I study only 7 out of 25 lecture slides at Taylors Lake Side,reached Tropicana City Mall at 7.30pm and the movie actually starts at 9.00pm! Kena conned weyy! =___=

we had dinner at Vivo again..this time with Henry Lee,Tony,Jayren,Richard Teo,Edwin,Yee Jin,Sydney Goh,Jia Yeen,Jason Tuang,Boon Wei,Chloe,Shannon and Cayenne
the story line is predictable but the dances were super awesome!
Thanks for the invites,Tony

After the movies,some people were dancing outside the cinema XD Well,we and take picture..syok sendiri behind haha
Henry and Liki
Tony and Liki
Liki and Chloe
Group picture of us that is still left after the movies..Others don't know gone where already..

We went yum cha at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng SS2 after the movies because Henry haven't taken his dinner
I ordered Koo Tin-Lok number 1 LOL

After that,we all went home and I did mask..OMG movie marathon this week..first time lor! Very tiring wan leh! Tomorrow -> Going The Distance

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  1. so fun... i thought startin at 8pm. so i didnt go wiv baboon ><

    vivo again~ and.... both urs n tony's eyes look kinda same. like siblings

  2. @Jayleo HAHAHA! I didn't notice that. Yeah we'd make good siblings ^_^

  3. siblings? XD hahahaha~ that's sad case for tonin!

  4. >JayLeo: Vivo is nice mah..the food there also nice xD

    >Toninkush: that's how I was called mui mui all of the sudden ==

    >Henry Lee: lol! sarcastic-nye HAHAHA

  5. yealo. kelian tony =p reminds me of Janice's 大哥.

  6. not bad. last week's screening got me a lao shi and a new sibling. untung sial lol

  7. u might get a wife from d upcomin screening =D

  8. HAHAHAHA Good one Ching Yih..funnehh XD

  9. thank you =) any gals to intro for ur tony gorgor?


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