What Distance I’d Go for My Other Half

August 05, 2010

My boyfriend had to go overseas for study and it was going to be our first time away from each other.I will surprise him days before he left by giving him a stack of 30 different colored envelopes tied together.

Each envelope contained a letter - one for every day he would be gone.On special days (like our anniversary) I also included gift certificates for dinner with my friends or massages or something else I knew he'd love.The letters contained jokes, funny stories about my childhood, memories of us together, and questions about our relationship.Opening a letter will be the highlight of each day he was away.
Yes,we're in long distance relationship now.often people asked "Is an LDR worth it?" Any person worth having is worth waiting a few years for.The only thing stopping a long distance relationship from succeeding in these times is the relationship itself.If you are truly a match made in heaven, a few thousand miles can only make your relationship that much stronger in the long-term.
Since New Zealand is 4 hours ahead of Malaysia,sometimes I will stay up late so when he wake up,I'll give him a morning call :)
I'd spend one night a week as a date, played cards or games over the internet or watched a movie "together" by renting the same movie, timing it to start at the same time and talking on the phone.
I made a calendar with pictures of us for the year so everyday when he look at the dates on the calender,he would remember how far we've come
I bought him a date book and marked holidays, anniversaries, dates to be together and random love notes throughout the year.
Reminded each other how much we were in love.
Afterall,we only part to meet again :) in true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged.
There is no long distance about love, it always finds a way to bring hearts together no matter how many miles there are between them.

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  1. LDR is not as hard as everyone think I hav been through it so as lots of my frens! you can make it if you hav the faith!

  2. Things will get better after a while =) At first it's hard

  3. it's so sweet ! Hope you win the passes . Good luck ! =)

  4. Liki! nice post! =)
    I hope I can maintain mine too, if I have one. =D

  5. aww, so sweet. what a perfect topic for you to post about. i'd bet you'd get the invites =)

  6. >Baboon Tan: haha thanks :) Yes you can and you will :)

    >Toninkush : yeah lor! perfect topic haha! Thanks ^^


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