Whoever Said Money Can't Buy Happiness Simply Didn't Know Where To Go Shopping

August 09, 2010

Jason is right! The more I work,the more I spent! I have got to stop this bad habit and save more money! *smackself*

If you followed me on Twitter,you'd know I should work at PC Fair but then I didn't..I feel like staying home and stone with Hippy :D My dog,Hippy goes for grooming once a month and it's time to go groom!!

Ahhhh It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!! :P

Also,I went shopping!! Bought 5 shirts and 2 pants from SUB.Yeap.If you guys haven't know,some of my friend called me shopaholic because I used to buy shirts/pants/dresses once a week until I have no place to put it.Some I haven't even wear it before till now.But I stopped since I started A-levels,too busy to shop and then my shopping mood went down to zero until today.
I can't control myself and bought the Limited Edition Hello Kitty Mascara.see it's such a good sale until two left.How can I not buy em?
I'm loving it! I can't stop looking at it! Open close,close open the cap! Syok sendiri.LMAO

Sales is everywhere!! *screaammmm*

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  1. I want the hello kitty mascara too so cute

  2. spamming!

    ya noe, its dead *tut-ing* boring when there's no class and all ur frens are busy studying 2 even choi u. LOL. oo. now i noe its hello kitty mascara. lol. i dunno y, i cant wait 4 wednesday, k la i go sleep. i gt somethings 2 show u. nite. enjoy ur work tomorrow ba.

  3. >aiwei: yeah! It's so cute and pink! Limited Edition XD

    >anonymous: now u understand my feelings when u're studying and I'm having holiday =___= wanna show me what?


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