Zhen Ting's 19th Birthday Celebration

August 10, 2010

It felt like a long day! Went to Sunway Pyramid three times with Jason within a day LMAO! No lah..It just felt like a reset button cz we keep passing by the same shops..

In the morning,I went karaoke with Jason..Yay! I prefer to go karaoke with very little people then I can choose more songs to sing weeeeee~

sang at Amp Square

Then we walked around..do a little shopping *again*
saw this little toy with Hello Kitty in the sky!!! haha

After that,we gathered at Yuen Steamboat with others :D
wow I can't really named them everyone of them..
Jia Le lost the car parking ticket so he paid RM20 for the lost tickets..nehh,the prepaid ticket..I never see before lol

We pretend to treat Zhen Ting really bad at steamboat so he thought we all went home..then we sneaked into his house..with his parents help of course
walking to his house..the dogs were barking ==
white chocolate macadamia.. Happy Noobday Birthday Z.T.
bought 2 cheap cake with lots of cream for the birthday boy's facial..
Happy Birthday Zhen Ting!!

Hope you had a great one :)

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