Farewell Dinner With Lily

September 19, 2010

I was invited to attend farewell dinner for Lily at her house..She is leaving to UK to study chemical engineering at Unversity Of Sheffield..

I was really tired that day..I overslept and Nataneal was waiting outside my house for half an hour! Also,I texted him "f*ck off" when I was asleep LOL Sorry Nataneal..you know I don't mean it T___T

Clockwise from left : Leon,Chin Ming,Nataneal,Theng Jian,Lee Yin and Liki
clockwise from left : Leon,Theng Jian,Chin Ming,Nataneal,Lily and Liki
Blue and Pink..good combination eh? By the way noticed my head band? Xiao Tong taught me that XD

I'm gonna meet Lily again..need to pass her presents that I bought for her to UK and also send her off at the airport..I think I'm gonna cry in the airport huhu..

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