The Joy Of Meeting Pays The Pangs Of Absence

September 26, 2010

I meet Nataneal in a very extraordinary way..It was during Malaysian Studies in lecture hall..There's a lists of attendance where we need to sign when we attended the classes..It was passed the lists ended up on Nataneal's hand,he was scanning through the lists to see who haven't sign the lists and I was one of them who haven't had the lists passed to..

He then screamed "Who is Chee Li Kee?" loud enough till the whole lecture hall could hear and suddenly,I,who sat just in front of him,turned behind and gave him a shocked him to death..but yeah,that's how we first met :)

Don't know how and when,we got close..and after Brynn left to New Zealand,we got even closer..We almost spend the rest of 2010 together..

Nataneal is leaving to UK to study electrical engineering in University Of Birmingham..Few hours before his flight,he came to my house to spend the "last hour" with me..

He took me to Haagen Dazs at Sunway Pyramid..
it was where exactly where I wanted to try the ice-cream for the first time
awwww look at his happy face :)
I was actually,still feeling unwell but I just have to force myself to accompany him for the "last time" after he left,I don't know when is the next time I'm gonna see him..
Can anyone tell me what does his shirt means?
Yeah I looked awful..
Damn why is Haagen Dazs ice-cream is so awesome
cute spoon xD
love love love love love the ice-cream..damn addictive..

It was actually like 5 hours before his flight..and he just can't stop himself from looking for me HAHA
last picture of us in the car
Nataneal went to IOI Mall to get his DVD changed..
looking up the sky from his car..

Damn..I miss him! I hate to admit this but I miss this perasan king! Always telling me how handsome he is,how cool he is or how long his eye-lashes were LOL..He has been always there for me..when I had food poisoning,he came to my house to visit me and brought porridge..we ate together and watched tv..I'm so gonna miss all the times we spent together..

He sent me home..we hugged and said goodbye..I turned my head and actually cried while walking into my house..I just miss him..I was still feeling weak and didn't have transport to send him off at KLIA..I still went and sent parents were willingly to send me to the airport
and see Nataneal for the last sight..this time I shall not cry
kinda like this picture..everything around him was blur and the focus was only on him
and the very last sight I see him

Don't know when will be the next time we meet each other..even when he come back from UK,I won't be in Malaysia..He said he wants to remember my smile and laughter when I send him off the airport and I did it =D I was laughing like mad cow :P Was actually rushing like crazy b*tch when he called me and say "Bye Li Kee,I'm flying off in 5 minutes" and I was actually still in the car LOL!

Was great to be your friend,Nataneal..All the best in UK and stop looking at hot chicks..You have one right here!!

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  1. awww it's really sad when most of yr pillars of support are leaving! hope you're gonna be strong (:

  2. That's so sweet of you XD...haha! he memang perasan one lor...before he leave he smsed with me n said himslf so leng zai~ HAHAH!!

  3. The chinese word is 'wu', it means Dance. :)

  4. >Hilda Milda : yeah it does..somemore two of the strongest pillar =/ I'll be fine thanks sweetie

    >Crystal : thank you..what? he really texted it? OMG he is crazy..super zi lian hahaha

    >Cheryl : thanks for telling me :D Both of us doesn't know what it meant xD


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