Just Fade Away,Away

September 11, 2010

Back when I was a Sunway University College A-levels student,I had three mathematics lecturer..I know..compare to other people,I have two extra mathematics lecturer because I took up further mathematics..
Few months before finals,I joined the S3 class for their mathematics class..A sudden change of mathematics lecturer does make me felt uncomfortable..Also,I already finished the whole mathematics syllabus compared to others..

Before I joined S3,I spoke to their mathematics lecturer,about me joining his class..He thought I was a weak student in mathematics,but I scored A for my AS exam so he didn't bother much about me,in fact he thought I was great in mathematics..

He don't remember my name..But he remember me as "Amber Chia" because of my modeling career..
Due to personal problem and emotions,I purposely failed my mathematics in trial..He was quite worried and upset,asking me to work hard and gave me extra guidance and exercises..To be honest,I did not really bother much because I know mathematics wouldn't be a problem to me at all..
The final A2 examination is not something to joke about..He still tried his best to help us the best that he could..He got sick few months before our final examination..and yet he made effort to come to classes..make photocopy of exercises for us..However,his sickness got worst..He stopped attending class and had to take leave..We were worried of course,and we even thought of visiting him..He said "don't worry about me..just do your best in your exam"
Finally,I did it..I scored A for mathematics in A-levels..He did helped me to refresh my Mathematics P3 and Mechanics..Without him,I wouldn't know that my mathematics is not perfect..I worked hard and did his exercise..Without him,I would have missed out and over-confident in mathematics..
I did not see him ever since the last day of college..I never knew it would be the last day for me to see him..

Elyse MSN me and told me that he passes away at 4pm today..

I didn't know how to react..I stared at the screen for a few moments..then things started coming to me..I felt sad and shocked..None of us expected it..

R.I.P. Mr Chin

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  1. Life is unpredictable. May Mr Chin rest in peace

  2. yeap I know..we must appreciate people around us..

  3. Yea, we must appreciate the people around us before it's too late. Later regret also no use . =)

  4. It's really a sad story.
    May he rest in peace.

  5. RIP Mr. Chin... let his encouragement stays within your heart forever ya! :)

  6. Thanks everyone..Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,love leaves a memory no one can steal..

    The memory with him will always be with me :)


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