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September 25, 2010

A week ago,I courier stuff to New Zealand for my boyfriend..Nataneal were with me to shop for these things..well most of it..Remember the previous post? :P

It was actually a Panasonic rice-cooker box..gonna put things in..
Nescafe,Nestum,shirts,men cologne and men perfume,Brands Chicken Essence,mechanical pencil,books,mooncakes,rojak sauce,souvenirs from Redang Island,bookmark and 100 Plus bottled with Lee Chong Wei's signature( I know he is a big fan of badminton and met Lee Chong Wei that day so asked for his signature XD )

I asked boyfriend what he needs and he said Nescafe,nestum,rojak sauce LMAO..Nataneal was like "why your boyfriend so weird wan?"

I know boyfriend has been stressed out with exams and studies (ignoring me huhu)..Just send things over to cheer him up :) Well,it's not cheap! It costs me RM XXX =___= I'ma have to work harder to earn money now..

He received it today and....he loves it ♥

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  1. You're such a sweet gf (: He's so lucky to have you!

  2. haha thanks for the compliment ^^

  3. It just took a week for your parcel to reach there? Mind to tell me what kind of courier service you choosed?

  4. yeah it took 1 week only..I used National Courier Service :)

  5. awww..so sweet..so considerate>< how much it cost for u to send those o?curious O.o

  6. >domokun : thanks :) haha it costs RMXXX lor HAHAHA

    >hamzah : thanks ^^


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