Misson : Hunting Present For Shannon Chow

September 11, 2010

Today,I went out with Jayren,Tony and Chloe..we had a mission today..Mission assigned by everyone : To get a birthday present for Shannon Chow..Since everyone is busy and only four of us were free,we went out together to choose a birthday present for her and there will be 10 people sharing the birthday gift..

Jayren drove me to Midvalley then we meet up with Tony and Chloe..

oh yes! the Hello Kitty Mascara is really good! I love it!
Jayren and Liki
Liki and Tony
we I even had lunch at Little Taiwan..Need to fill up my stomach before shopping ma..

After three hours of shopping,walking to every shop,brain-storming,we've come to a conclusion..to get her a Nike Sport Wear..We even bought a birthday card and a box for it..
the guys chose it :P
Nike Sport wear and a birthday card in it..

Hopefully she'll love it..We four went out together just to get her that present..Don't complain ah!

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