No Distance Of Place Or Lapse Of Time Can Lessen The Friendship Of Us

September 22, 2010

It's sort of like a tradition for me to visit Lily either the day before she fly or on the day its own she's flying..Lily is flying at 2.00am today and I went to visit her around 6.00pm at her house..I also bought full make up set for her since it was her wish :)

Lily and Liki
she's bringing her teddy to UK too
polaroid pictures with her..I get to keep one for's in my purse now xD
Lee Yin and Liki
dang I already felt like crying..
I will miss her stupidity and silliness
Teddy and our polaroid pictures
Lily,Lee Yin and Liki
Lee Yin,Lily and Liki

After Lily printed her materials and packed her luggage,she went dinner with her family while I went home and had dinner too! I rested for a while before Chin Ming,Leon and Nataneal reached my house and off we go to KLIA!
Chin Ming and Leon were hiding behind lol
Leon,Nataneal,Lily,Liki and Chin Ming
I already felt like crying when taking this picture
Lily cried haha..holding the lolipop Nataneal gave her
awwww kiss from my lovely Lily..gosh I really miss her
Nataneal got so emo and sat there..He is leaving UK this Saturday

So after few rounds of talking to her..taking pictures and time's time for her to checked in..and that's the most touching part..seeing other people leaving..everyone hugging and kissing..Damn I hate that feeling! Can't believe I have to go through it myself soon..
she was trying hard not to tear
but can't help it..her college friends were like screaming and yelling "Don't go lily!!!!!" and strangers all were laughing LOL
she's lucky she have 6 friends going with her =)
and that's the last sight I see her..

Honestly,I felt more sad that Lily,Kai Yuan and Nataneal is leaving rather than my own boyfriend leaving..maybe because I knew he would be happier in New Zealand than staying in Malaysia..He has been telling me he wants to go New Zealand ever since the first time I talked to him =____=

But for Lily,Kai Yuan and Nataneal,Malaysia is like a place where they grew up..Lily is my friend for 6 years and she has been always there for me..I cried when she left..It's a little unfair though because I never cry when my boyfriend left LOL..I miss Lily..I can't imagine days without her..Luckily she'll be coming back in December!So it's just like the times when she went Italy for 3 months leaving me behind pfffftt..

Have fun and enjoy in UK! Don't forget me!

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