Premiere Screening Of Legend Of The Guardians : The Owls Of Ga'Hoole

September 21, 2010

So jealous of Kai Yuan's house! haha! He is so gonna kill me for that post :P Thanks to Kai Yuan's mom for sending me home :) After I reached home,I quickly took a bath then I need to rush to Midvalley..My FM just called and said that I won 2 tickets to watch Legend Of The Guardians : The Owls Of Ga'Hoole..but,I already got invites from Adverlets to watch the same movie in Pavilion!

So I gave the two tickets to my mom and my dad to watch Legend Of The Guardians : The Owls Of Ga'Hoole in 3D! First time my parents watching 3D haha..

camwhore with Hippy while waiting for my parents..
oh my I looked tired!
Hello my name is Hippy and I'm a shy dog ^^

To collect the tickets from My FM,they need IC as an I went to Midvalley to collect the tickets,and then my parents sent me to Pavilion and they drove back to Midvalley for the show..oh,did I mentioned we only can collect ticket at 8.00pm and the movie starts at 9.00pm at both places? Luckily Jayren collected my tickets for me at Pavilion :)
my little brother and I watched in Pavilion while my mom and my dad watched in Midvalley..same movie,same time :)
Meeting up with the bloggers before the show :)

Clockwise from left : Ryan,Shannon,Wilee,Tony,Jayren,Edwin,Xiao Tong,Shii Teck, Ching Yih ,Alex,Liki,and Theng Jian not forgetting the photographer - Henry Lee

After the movie,I went yum cha with the same blogger gang at Old Town Kopitiam..Jayren then sent me home..So tired T____T

Good Night! Tata!

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