Jeng Jeng Jeng Day

October 21, 2010

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! It's 20102010 ! Once in a lifetime dates..

But also,an important date for mom and I! Every year,Jusco will organized Jusco Member Day..I never missed a single Jusco Member Day..I still remember back then,I would skipped school just to go shopping! Shop with mom from 6am until evening..Come home take nap,tuition until 10.00pm and then shop again until 12am!

And I'm not the only one! Shi Ning was my crime-partner ngek ngek..We sat next to each other in high school for 2 years (2007 and 2008)! Every year,during Jusco Member Day,Shi Ning and I will be M.I.A (Missing In Action) both of our seats will be empty and teachers will be wondering where are we LMAO

This year,mom and I went with aunty..and well..I did try save money..

"don't buy this" "we don't need this" "waste money" were the 3 famous words I used today..

By why on Earth did we ended up buying this much?

There were 20 pillows,5 comforter,shoes,shirts,pants,bags, and some market stuff (half were my aunt's)

And all fit into a small mini size Myvi..

We shopped from 2.00pm until 10.00pm..

How on Earth did we do that?

Pssss,Jusco Member Day is held for two days! Shall I.....tomorrow? XD

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  1. no lah! I buy very little only! 1 bag and 1 shirt only..the others all my mom,father and brothers..Half of those were my aunt's!

  2. hahaha! correct! it'd be fun xD

  3. 20 pillows!!! That's A LOT! XD

    I always buy lingeries (A LOT MORE THAN I NEED) in Jusco Member Day. LOL

  4. LOL! that's good! I think 10 of the pillows are free ones..

    I bought lingerie too ! XD

  5. 8 hours shopping! guys one-hour start complaining already keke

  6. yeah lor! I know guys wan..1 hour already move here move there LOL

  7. wa, 8 hours? i acoompany my mom, max i can stand is 2 hours, more than that, i will go find chairs to sit or go wait at mcd while sipping icecream d, hahaha

  8. haha yeah 8 hours LOL! I wonder how did I did it that everytime I go shopping HAHA!

    pillow fight!!! XD


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