KL Photography Festival

October 31, 2010

Sorry for not updating my blog that often..I promise I will blog more after I finished my work..Follow me on Twitter to get the latest update about me :)

Currently modeling for Fujifilm Model Shoot-Out Contest at Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival in Midvalley Exhibition Centre..I just came back from there only XD

with 5 other models why am I the shortest one T___T

that's me after work..

Basically,there were about 200 photographers shooting today..the photographers will then submit their best shots and then,the nicest picture will win something (I don't know what)..so 6 of us will be there,modeling for these photographer..you can join and win too!

Come and join the fun! Today's work was 4-5pm..and we'll be modeling at 3pm-4pm tomorrow (31st October 2010) last day :)

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  1. I baru balik dari fotografi festival kat Mid,temankan my boy yang minat kat fotografi. You so beutiful...nice job as model and tentulah asyik clik-clik kat model2 yg cantik.

  2. HUhu.. U look pretty...
    Good luck in everything u do.. ^^
    By the way, u should try violet lenses.
    They'll look great on you. :)

  3. >seriwangi : I see..thank you! hehe..ini untuk pertandingan..mesti clik clik lah haha

    >Dewi Batrishya : thanks :) okay,I will try violet lenses next time^^

  4. Hehe~ I saw familiar face
    I thought that it is a photography exhibition. Btw, you look sweet in that dress

  5. u went? haha..never wave at me xD

    thanks for the compliment ^^

  6. wah I'm flattered! thank u :)

  7. spamming!! spamming!!

    haha, now u noe how i feel. LOL>>>

  8. >Anonymous : huh? how u feel?

    >domokun : thank u :)


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