Never Diet Before

October 02, 2010

I went pasar malam with Tony,Jayren,Edwin,Xiao Tong and Adrian yesterday and I am not feeling well again..Tony was worried and took me to see doctor today..

Doctor : Why don't you eat properly?
Me : What do you mean?
Doctor : Why do you go on diet?
Me : I have never diet before ever in my life

I am sick of everyone asking me to "stop going diet and eat lah"..Because the fact is :


Bold! Caps lock! Largest Font!

I eat okay! I eat 5 meals a day! I eat meat and vegetables! I eat deserts and drink soft drinks so can you all please stop asking me to eat more? I eat more than you think I do..I think I do have superb high metabolism rate..I feel hungry every 15minutes after I had meal or snacks..I eat a lot like really a lot and I never reach 40kg before..

yes I do lots of exercise..I was a gymnast and dancer..


I am not feeling well these days and it has nothing to do with my's my blood..I know I am lack of blood ever since I'm in primary school..I don't know why and how but I AM lack of blood..I fainted several times : marching as a girl guide,running in cross-country,shopping in Petaling Street,Sunway Pyramid and 1Utama..

So yeah I went and googled about Anaemia and saw this :

If a person is otherwise healthy, it can take some time for the signs of anaemia to appear.

* The first symptoms will be tiredness and palpitations (awareness of heartbeat).
* Shortness of breath and dizziness (fainting) are also common.
* If the anaemia is severe, you may experience angina (chest pain), headache or leg pains (intermittent claudication).

OMG,I have all the symptoms! and now I have to take iron pills for 1 month then do blood test..The side effect of iron pills supplement sucks =/ but I have to admit it does help..

Thanks to Tony again for taking me to see doctor so I can attend 3 events in 1 day tomorrow..Busy day ahead! Good night!

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  1. u take care lor... tmr eating BK again... dushhhh~

  2. haha..see lah..maybe not eating mood for burger today XD

  3. the girl in the gymnastic pic ain't you right? lol

    i thought you wouldnt mention about me sending you to the clinic and all. but i guess you have nothing to hide. *sniffles*

  4. it was me..I used to can do it but I can't now =___= maybe some easier ones I still can..

    I thought it should be better if I thank you here where everyone can read..if u mind I can remove it :)and if u know me well,I don't blog very detailed in certain topic

  5. that's you?! *zooms in the image* hmm... don't look like you one... lol

    no no, i don't mind people knowing. i was actually hoping that you would. it would be a sign of some kind, if you know what i mean. teehehe

  6. Wow! You are really skinny! But I do know it is not easy to gain weight if you have high metabolism. Your weight will stay the same no matter how much you eat.

    And hey, a gymnast? Serious? Are you a state player or national player?

  7. Finally someone understands my situation haha! I eat a lot but my weight stays the same xD

    yes a gymnast xD state player but not national..I quit very long time ago lor

  8. Impressive! I wish I can do those stunt too, but my waist is not flexible anymore since I hurt my waist. Hehe

  9. I hurt my leg muscles..I also cannot do a lot of stunt already >.<


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