Pre Premiere Screening Of The Other Guys

October 13, 2010

Today is the pre premiere screening of The Other Guys! The actual screening is on 14 October 2010.Thanks to Donovan for giving me the tickets :) I was at home feeling tired and sleepy..Jayren came to my house to update his blog after his class and I was sleeping alone in my room LOL!Since this week,Sushi King is having RM2.00 promotion,I had dinner at Sushi King with Edwin,Xiao Tong,Adrian,Calvin,Jayren and my little brother :D

Jayren,my little brother and I came in late so we only eat for half an hour..Tony came late so he missed the dinner
this is the movie that we're watching tonight!
Liki and Adrian
Jayren,Edwin and Liki

And then,camwhore session started :
Adrian,Calvin,Liki and Edwin
plus Xiao Tong and Jayren
minus Xiao Tong plus Ching Yih lol
a group picture of us who were there..not really a group picture..some people wasn't in the picture
Thanks to Donovan for giving me a pair of tickets to watch The Other Guys :D I really enjoyed the movie..

I didn't expect much from the movie,because first thing,I did not watch the trailer and second thing,I don't really know what is it about! It really cheered up my day! Go watch! And pay attention to every word they say!

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