Premiere Screening Of The Other Guys

October 15, 2010

Yes,I watched The Other Guys for the second time..It's free from Magnum! Tony won 4 tickets from Magnum and he invited me,Henry and Jia Yeen to watch..Only Jia Yeen haven't watched it :P Today is the first day of screening of The Other Guys :D

Liki and Jia Yeen with Magnum cap..

Magnum was NOT bad you know! Each of us get one popcorn and one soft drink for free too!
and some goodies from Magnum for us to take home

The Other Guys is really funny larh..I laughed again even when I watched it the second time!Their expressions and actions were funny lahhh..And also,watching second time makes me understand the movie more (some hidden meaning in the movie)

By the way,if you're watching The Other Guys,remember to stay until the end of the movie..there's one short clip after the songs ended where most people will missed it :P

Thanks to Tony for the invites! Awesome movie!♥

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  1. yeah! we didn't expect it too >.<

  2. u know what's the funny part? me and tony looking at ur guys camwhoring with the cap when we were queuing and the funnier part is that we queued at the wrong line! FML!

  3. both very funny lah HAHA..Jia Yeen and I was like "aiyooo..pity Henry and Tony lah" LOL

  4. hahahaaha yeah we were laughing at your two camwhoring. mana tau the joke was on us

  5. LOL! you both ah..laugh at people kena sendiri :P


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