Premiere Screening Of Takers

October 26, 2010

I went to watch Takers in Midvalley with my brothers..and I invited Siew Lee to tag along..It was my first time meeting Siew Lee as we've only chat through online ever since the agent introduced us to each other..We'll be going to the same university and taking up the same course next year! =D

tickets to Takers
little brother and Liki
Jayren was there for dinner too =D
I got the limited edition Nuffnang T-shirts! Yay!
can you spot me? I was talking to Henry Lee..last row there

You know,I seriously don't understand why people like to kick kick kick kick kick kick chairs while watching movie in the cinema..It's not like you can't ignore it..It's freaking annoying..Every minute and seconds that fella kick the freaking chair..Are you too fat to fit in the chair? Seriously next time if someone bloody kick my chair in the cinema,I will use my handphone torchlight and shine at the bastard and said "can you please stop kicking the f*cking chair"

Anyway,here's a picture of us after the movie..
Henry Lee,Tony,Jayren,Liki and Siew Lee..OMG Henry Lee won a Sony Walkman W Series MP3 Player from lucky draw! How lucky..5 lucky draw he won in this year so far..
And a picture with me and Siew Lee..isn't she sweet? :)

Am happy to meet her for the first time..such a cute sweet girl! Gonna spend my whole university life with her next year weeeeeeeeee~

Anyway Takers is quite a draggy movie..There were 6 guys in the movie and I don't know what character they are playing..Seriously lor? Who is that handsome guy in the movie? It kept me

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