Thalassemia Disease

October 22, 2010

It was confirmed..

I was actually hoping it to be Anaemia rather than Thalassemia..thing is,Thalassemia supposed to be a inherited disease but there's no such disease in my family history! Doctor suspect might be mutation or deletion..

have to suffer!

Doctor took 2 bottles of my blood today to specialist for futher testing..If I use my current report to apply for visa,I cannot study overseas..

My parents don't allow me to go out anymore..or at least I must stay home to rest..I cannot do lots of activities anymore..

I supposed to be enjoying at DKNY Fashion Show event NOW with Wei Lon but have to cancel T__T

I have nine abnormal blood cells..please be a false alarm..

I don't know how to write this posts..Sorry,having some emotional breakdown now..

I'll be fine :) Stay happy and positive ^^

I miss being a healthy girl..and I really want to study overseas..

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  1. i'm sure all of'em will support u in overcoming this challenge. no worries. dont party too much now... rest more and hope it'll leave u asap~

  2. ya, i'm sure God will choose the best decision for u. Hope you will recover ASAP. I still want you to hang out actively with me. =)

  3. >Jayleo : thanks :) Yes lah I cut down on party already XD

    >Jacqueline : yeah I still want to go out and play! >.< anyway thanks for ur wish girl :)

  4. Hope u stay strong n keep positive kay?

  5. >Magdalene : thanks :)

    >Spectre : yeah I will weeeeee~ XD

  6. Liki , stay positive ,ok ? You will be fine . Be brave ! Overcome it with positive heart . I know you can do it ! i will always be there for you and support you . =D

  7. hey, take care girl! for all i noe, it is indeed, an inherited disease tho. watever it is, stay on d bright side yea! =)

  8. hey.. hope things will turn for the better for you, Li Kee. Stay positive! You have many friends who support and care for you... :)

  9. always pray to God & think positive...remember~..rainbow will come out, after the rain ;)

  10. >Jayren : ya I will stay positive xD thanks for your support :)

    >Nana Lana : yeah I will take supposed to be inherited but dunno why no history in my family =X

    >Lin : thanks're so sweet..I will stay strong ^^

    >dedek : haha! ya Rainbow after rain! Wait for my good news :)

    >Hilda Milda : yeap I will! rest a lot..sleep a lot like pig xD

  11. hope u r feeling better now :) cheers!

  12. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm sorry to hear bout this, hopefully your test results show nothing major and you can still study overseas!

  13. no problem girl :)

    Thanks :D wait for my good news! >.<


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