The Calamity Of War

November 10, 2010

I'm going to do a bitchy post(there'll be 4 parts)..You better read (take it as a drama/series) because I'll update one post everyday at 8.30pm from today..

I'm sorry for not updating my blog often and always been missing in action..Anyway now I'm going to tell you where have I been and what have I been doing..You better take time to read because I take lots of effort to write this super super long script..So here's Part One..

As most of you already know,I'm going to study abroad..I have an agent who helped me to settle those stuff for it..I've done everything basically except for the medical report,which is the most important document for visa application..

There were a lists of doctors approved by the immigration and we have to look for these doctors..The indian agent suggested my mom and I to visit the Tung Shin Hospital while the chinese agent suggested us to visit a clinic..My mom and I listened to the chinese agent..

Everything started on 13th October 2010,when I visited this clinic..It was my first time visiting the clinic..I was looking for Dr.L (fake name) but he was on leave..The nurses treated us coldly and rudely..I did blood test,urine test and Chest X-ray..The nurses said she couldn't capture my X-ray nicely so she retake my Chest X-ray ( die lor,all my cells killed by her )..then,the doctor who took my blood wasn't even the doctor approved by immigration..but the nurse said it was okay so mom and I was like fine..We were told that the blood report will be out a week later..
Chest x-ray; shows patient standing with back to the x-ray machine. X-rays are used to take pictures of organs and bones of the chest. X-rays pass through the patient onto film.
After a week,the nurse called and said I have abnormal blood cells..Dr.L suggested that I might have Thalassemia and I was told to go back to the clinic to take another blood test for Thalassemia studies..My parents got so worried and they accompanied me there..When I reached there,the Dr.L was on leave again! It was another doctor who took my blood..I was told that the result will be out in 6 days..

Question : How can she take my Chest X-ray TWICE at once?! How come Dr.L always on leave?!How come my medical report is passed around with 3 doctors handling it? I thought only ONE doctor is responsible for ONE patient..If there's anything wrong,the doctors push the responsibility to one another right?

-To Be Continued Tomorrow-

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